Legal Document Automation & Management Software

Securely create, store, share, and collaborate on legal documents, forms, searches, and correspondence within one legal software solution.


Benefits of Legal Document Management Software

Real-Time Updates

Any time someone in your law firm works on an existing document or creates a new one, the electronic matter updates in real time.

Work More Efficiently

Secure File Management

Powered by Amazon Web Services, LEAP has hosted servers in ultra-secure facilities, mitigating compliance risks.

Easily Share Legal Documents

Improved Collaboration

Create a seamless workflow for staff and clients to create, upload, and collaborate on documents that save back to the matter.

Create One Version of Truth

Work from Anywhere

Access documents and make changes on the go with the LEAP Mobile App available for iOS and Android devices.

Build a Mobile Law Office
"LEAP allows me to bypass several steps (that I would have to take using other software systems) when I'm creating, editing, and saving documents."
Robert W. McAndrew, Esq. | McAndrew Vuotto LLC
Legal AI Document Generator

Draft Documents with Ease Using Legal AI

Produce a legal letter, client email, or court form with ease using LEAP Generator. Input the type of document you need and select how you wish to create your draft:

  • Choose a letter, email, or form previously created within your practice

  • Select a document template identified by AI that is already held in your LEAP library of automated forms

  • Generate your own document using AI via LawY

Estate Planning Law Firm Software

Better Together

LEAP and WealthCounsel have joined forces to create a groundbreaking software integration for estate planning and probate attorneys. WealthCounsel’s market-leading estate planning drafting software is now directly accessible from within LEAP. This integration allows you to automate your legal drafting while managing your estate planning practice, matters, contacts, billing, and accounting within one solution.

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Make the Most of LEAP

Effortlessly incorporate, edit, and automate your custom letters, deeds and agreements, and forms within LEAP for efficient time-saving and consistent practices across your law firm. This allows all employees in your firm to save documents in one central location.

leap software clause library screen

Streamline Legal Drafting

The LEAP Clause Library makes legal drafting easy with all of your clauses in one place. Select the applicable clauses and click the "Insert Clause" button to instantly add them to large documents such as Family Law Separation Agreements, which rely on numerous clause provisions and addenda. Free up your staff's time by eliminating the manual drafting of lengthy pleadings and complex contracts.

LawConnect docusign

Secure Your Document Collaboration

LawConnect and LEAP provide law firms with a secure legal document collaboration solution. With your legal documents securely stored in AWS, you can comment, reply, and grant or revoke document access with clients and third parties in real-time. Unlike other software systems that depend on external file-sharing, LawConnect is complimentary to LEAP users and a law firm-specific alternative to tools like Dropbox.

leap software outlook email integration screen

Easily Manage Correspondence

Microsoft Word and Outlook seamlessly integrate with LEAP so users can easily create documents, auto-populate matter details, and format law firm correspondence. All case-related details can be easily located in the electronic matter.

Legal Document Management Software Questions

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