Legal Document Management and Client Collaboration for Your Law Firm

Included with LEAP, LawConnect allows you to confidently share documents for approval or signature, and collaborate with clients online anywhere, anytime. Our robust document-sharing solution provides you with complete control over all your files, improving access management and greater visibility across all shared documents.

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Secure Document Sharing Made Simple

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Safeguard Your Data With Secure Correspondence

Unlike email, which can be susceptible to cybersecurity breaches, hacking, and unauthorized access, LEAP offers a secure environment for sharing documents and working with clients. You can provide your services confidently, without worrying that your or your clients' files will fall into the wrong hands. All data is stored on secure servers provided by Amazon Web Services, one of the world’s largest and most secure data storage providers.

Share Legal Documents with Confidence

Offer your clients and staff peace of mind with simple and secure legal document management.

Efficiency Through Collaboration

Share Securely, Collaborate Privately

Included in LEAP, LawConnect provides a secure environment for you and your clients to collaborate anywhere and anytime, without needing to meet in person. Your clients can view and collaborate on documents, sign forms or retainers, pay invoices, and view their client statements without having to switch between multiple programs or browsers.

Work in Real-Time

Email communication relies on sequential exchanges, leading to delays in law firms' workflows. LawConnect allows for real-time collaboration, enabling multiple parties to work together on the same document simultaneously using comment, reply, and sign features. This reduces the need for back-and-forth email exchanges while ensuring everyone is on the same page – literally. 

Find Documents Easily and Quickly

Emails tend to accumulate over time, resulting in a large and often unorganized inbox. Files and attachments can easily get buried within numerous email threads, making it difficult for clients to locate specific documents when needed. LawConnect makes it easy to search and retrieve documents, thus saving you and your clients valuable time and reducing the risk of misplaced or lost files.

Visibility and Transparency

Email lacks a comprehensive audit trail, making it difficult to track document access, edits, or sharing activities. LawConnect logs activity related to each document in LEAP, including whether it was accessed, shared, or edited. This audit trail prevents version control issues while maintaining accountability by identifying any unauthorized action.

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"Nelson Myatt uses LawConnect regularly, we have found that sharing the client funds statement with clients as soon as we get their deposit gives the client confidence that their money is safe and introduces them to LawConnect."
Stephen Myatt | Nelson Myatt
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Security and Compliance

LawConnect is SOC 2 compliant. This attests to our unwavering commitment to the highest standards for security and confidentiality in safeguarding our users’ data. Our internal security controls underwent a rigorous and independent audit by AssuranceLab, culminating in this certification for all LEAP subsidiaries, including LawConnect. This accreditation validates our dedication to providing a secure and reliable solution.

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