Law Firm Email Management

Organize your law firm's email by case with Microsoft Outlook's seamless integration with the LEAP legal practice productivity solution.


Benefits of Integrated Email Management Software

Improved Organization

Automatically save emails to the correct case, stored in one central location, that can be accessed from anywhere.

Keep Correspondence Professional

Seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook ensures consistent and professional correspondence.

Enhance Productvitiy

Quickly create PDFs from documents and email them to clients from your computer or phone with the LEAP Mobile App.

Never Miss a Billable Minute

Instantly record time spent on emails that auto-populates in the LEAP Timesheet to bill directly to the correct case.

leap software outlook email integration screen

Leverage the Power of Microsoft 365

Microsoft Outlook seamlessly integrates with LEAP, so every email bears consistent, professional branding reflective of your law firm.

Store All Correspondence in One System

Rather than switch between your email and legal practice management software, LEAP allows attorneys to send and receive emails within LEAP, saving attorneys time and money. Emails are then categorized by case and automatically saved to facilitate simple search and secure storage.

leap software timesheet screen

Record Time as You Go

Instead of manually recording time spent drafting or reviewing emails, attorneys can instantly record time spent on emails with LEAP. This allows attorneys to turn tedious administrative work into more billable hours, making them more money.


Manage Legal Correspondence On-the-Go

Access, manage, and respond to emails from a desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet with the LEAP Mobile App. All emails automatically save to the relevant case, regardless of where it was accessed from a mobile device or desktop, eliminating time spent on manual organization, which allows attorneys to focus on more billable work.

Legal Email Management Questions

LEAP helps law firms become more productive and profitable.