The Legal Practice Productivity Solution for Real Estate Attorneys

LEAP simplifies real estate matters with pre-built matters, automated forms, legal calculators, and more so that legal professionals can close deals faster and run successful real estate law firms.

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Reduce Manual Work

LEAP offers pre-built matters for each of your real estate matter types. Eliminate double data entry and only enter data once that can be used across automated forms, templates, documents, and other correspondence to streamline work and ensure accuracy.

LEAP also offers recurring matter templates, which allow you to repeat your preferred folder structure, initial documents, and task lists for fast and efficient matter creation and management.

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Have One Version of the Truth

LEAP is a cloud-based, end-to-end real estate solution that helps keep all your real-estate matters up-to-date and accurate across the entire firm. As soon as an automated form, letter, or correspondence is saved in LEAP, it is immediately updated and accessible to your firm's staff. Firm members can also set matter notifications for status updates on closings. So regardless if you are in a closing, consulting with a client, or working from home, everyone works from the same real estate matter.

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Auto-Populate Real Estate Forms

Information from a specific matter can be auto-populated into complex real estate forms. This automation allows you to generate documents quickly without the risk of human error. Forms available within LEAP real estate closing software include Deeds, the Closing Disclosure Form (CDF), Mortgage, Certificate of Occupancy, Closing Statement, HUD Form 1, Assumption Statement, and more.

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Simplify Legal Calculations

LEAP makes real estate attorneys more productive by offering legal calculators inside the software. Calculators, such as the Fixed Loan Calculator or Mortgage Payoff Calculator, will quickly generate costs for your real estate matters easily and accurately.

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"The automated forms gives me access to common forms in real estate, such as the Closing Disclosure Form. "
Jennifer Kang Butler | Attorney at Law | Real Estate Law Firm

LEAP helps real estate law firms become more productive.