Legal Software for Law Firms
in New Jersey, New York,
and Massachusetts

As a legal case and practice management system, LEAP improves New Jersey, New York,
and Massachusetts law firms' efficiency, productivity and profitability.
Law firms globally have relied on LEAP’s case management system since 1992 for innovative
legal software to manage and store all their client and matter related information in one electronic file.


Our legal software moves beyond the simple time tracking software. In fact, LEAP is more than your average case management software. Our comprehensive legal software combines matter management, automated legal forms, email management, time recording, legal trust accounting, legal billing, legal reporting, and more into one single cloud-based software. LEAP has everything you need to run your law firm and gain a competitive advantage.

More than 12,000 solo and small law firms use
LEAP software to help their clients.

We understand each area of law is unique. That's why we've created matter types for all common
areas of law tailored to meet the needs of your specific practice area.

Whether you are practicing in real estate closing, family law, litigation, commercial law, and/or Wills and Estate, LEAP 365 is ready to go with no customization necessary. Choose the right legal practice and case management software that meets your needs and unlocks the growth in your firm’s profits.