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Benefits of Using a Certified Consultant

  • Local consultants are available as new partners join the network.

  • Develop a relationship with a consultant for on-going consulting services.

  • Peace of mind knowing that the consultants must complete annual re-certification to keep their skills up.


Accounting & Bookkeeping

LEAP Accounting and Bookkeeping partners can provide assistance with the setup and operation of office accounting in Quickbooks Online, Xero, and the general ledger. They provide ongoing support once the installation is complete and some can also assist with the migration of older bookkeeping systems to LEAP.


IT & System Requirements

LEAP Certified IT Partners have experience in providing computer hardware, network, and communication environments that are suitable for LEAP software. LEAP IT Partners have access to technical materials and information that is not generally available and receive advice, technical training, and support directly from LEAP.


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Circle Management Group, Ltd

High Point, North Carolina | Raleigh, North Carolina | Hillsboro, Oregon | Cleveland, Ohio | Hollywood, Florida | Butler, New Jersey | Chicago, Illinois | Chandler, Arizona |

Circle Management Group is a team of highly-skilled, multidisciplinary Consultants with decades of combined experience assisting law firms with their business and technological needs. They have offices throughout the country and boast a diverse domestic and international clientele.

Independent Practice Management AdvisorAdvanced Template Automation ExpertAdvanced PartnerQuickBooks Online CertifiedLEAP Certified BookkeeperMicrosoft Power BI Certified

Jayva Global

California | Connecticut | District of Columbia | Georgia | Massachusetts | Maryland | Maine | New Hampshire | New Jersey | Virginia | Vermont

The Jayva team of 25 employees and contractors globally collectively has hundreds of years of experience working in law firms and the legal IT arena. Their foundation is in legal accounts, and this knowledge has rapidly grown over the years to encompass all aspects of legal practice and case management after having worked with literally hundreds of law firms on a variety of projects.

Independent Practice Management AdvisorAdvanced Template Automation ExpertAdvanced PartnerQuickBooks Online CertifiedLEAP Certified BookkeeperMicrosoft Power BI Certified


Neovision helps law firms implement LEAP effectively. Their consultants have decades of experience in accounting for small law firms, enabling us to recommend cost-effective solutions tailored to your firm. We operate with a single principle in mind: to provide the highest level of personalized client service possible.

Independent Practice Management AdvisorLEAP Certified BookkeeperAdvanced PartnerQuickBooks Online Certified

Active Trust IT

Whippany, New Jersey

Active Trust IT understands the technology needs of law firms of all specialties and sizes. This is why they created a robust IT service program designed to help your firm in all areas including IT, software, printing, scanning, phones, and more.

Certified IT PartnerCertified Independent ConsultantAdvanced PartnerQuickBooks Online CertifiedMicrosoft Power BI Certified

Crosspointe Consulting Group

Blue Bell, Pennsylvania | White Plains, New York | Washington, District of Columbia

Jack Schaller is a technology consultant with significant law firm consulting experience, focused on practice management, time billing, accounting, and document management systems.

Certified Independent Consultant

The Moritz Group

Arizona | Utah | Nevada | Colorado | New Mexico | Idaho

The Moritz Group specializes in automating businesses and using current technology to make them more efficient. They provide and install the highest quality software currently available and train businesses to use it.

Certified Independent ConsultantCertified IT Partner

The ProfitPoint Group, Inc

Buffalo, New York | Newport Beach, California | Cumberland, Rhode Island

Law school doesn’t train attorneys how to run a law practice. The ProfitPoint Group teaches law firms how to learn and succeed at running the business with 20% more revenue in 10% less time - guaranteed.

Certified Independent ConsultantCertified IT Partner

Braver Tech

Boston, Massachusetts | Taunton, Massachusetts | Providence, Rhode Island

Most businesses suffer from preventable computer issues. At Braver Tech, they take a proactive approach to your technology challenges. The only computer worry you have is remembering your password!

Certified IT Partner

Computrs Inc

Bloomingdale, New Jersey

Since 1987 Computrs Inc. has been helping automate small businesses and law firms with the best-proven technology. They understand your business and will handle the computers so you can be more productive.

Certified IT Partner

Disks Etc. LLC

New Jersey

Disks Etc. is a full service IT Managed Service Provider with over 12 years of experience that supports the SMB world.

Certified IT Partner

{e}Mazzanti Technologies

New York City, New York | Jersey City, New Jersey | Hoboken, New Jersey | Newark, New Jersey | Tampa, Florida

{e}Mazzanti Technologies, a leading IT consultant and a Microsoft Gold Partner, is all about delivering powerful, secure, IT solutions in the most efficient manner possible. The legal IT experts at {e}Mazzanti provide the experience you need to make informed technology purchases and implement effective tools for the success of your practice.

Certified IT PartnerQuickBooks Online CertifiedAdvanced PartnerLEAP Certified Bookkeeper

Jeffery Schultz, Esq.

Fair Lawn, New Jersey

Practicing law is complex. LEAP is the marketplace leader in end-to-end legal software solutions designed to drive maximized law firm efficiencies, deliverables, and client satisfaction. Jeffrey Schultz, Esq. provides comprehensive LEAP training that is tailored and customized to the uniqueness of each firm and provides subject matter expertise on how to leverage LEAP to implement law firm best practices.

Certified Independent ConsultantAdvanced Partner

Mikrodots, Inc. Professional IT Services

Mikrodots is a 20+ year old full service IT Managed Service Provider that supports small to medium law firms and their practice management systems.

Certified IT Partner

OTB Consulting

Cary, North Carolina

OTB Consulting is an award-winning and nationally recognized firm helping law firms build more profitable and efficient practices. They are experts in bridging the gap between your needs and technology resulting in a better work experience and a better work-life balance for you and your staff. Since the early 1990s, OTB has been serving law firms of all sizes and types throughout the U.S. and around the world.

Certified Independent Consultant

Practical Technology Solutions

Stamford, Connecticut

Practical Technology Solutions (PTS) is a system integrator that provides clients with a single point of contact for all their technology. They provide onsite and remote technical support covering PCs, MACs, networks, phones, websites, and most importantly cybersecurity in the tristate area (CT, NY, and NJ) for both small business and residential clients.

Certified IT Partner

Preferred Business Systems, Inc.

Whippany, New Jersey

Preferred Business Systems provides its customers with an all-in-one technology solution including copiers, printers, mail systems, and managed IT services.

Certified IT Partner

We’re Boss LLC

Houston, Texas

We’re Boss is the solo and small law firm's answer to administration. Their experienced legal team will deliver the admin tools you need to be successful.

Independent Practice Management AdvisorQuickBooks Online CertifiedAdvanced Partner

Plummer Slade, Inc.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Leslie Hennessy is the Application Support Manager at Plummer Slade, Inc. She has over 20 years of experience with implementing customized software solutions and providing computer networking and IT solutions, and services, to law firms in Pittsburgh. Endorsed by the Allegheny Country Bar Association, Plummer Slade, Inc. provides computer networking and software application services to hundreds of law firms.

Certified Independent Consultant

Legality Software


Amy Dreher is a consultant with Legality Software. Legality Software is a team of certified legal technology consultants with experience in practice management and creating customized tools for achieving optimum efficiency for your firm. Our goal, as always, is to help our clients succeed, allowing them to focus on their legal expertise while knowing that the tools and systems they rely on are taken care of for them.

Certified Independent Consultant

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