Legal Case & Matter Management Software

Keep your case files organized in LEAP from any location or device with comprehensive case management software.


Benefits of Having One Version of Truth for All Cases

Stay Oganized

Easily import documents and email correspondence to LEAP.

Improve Document Management

Save Time Entering Information

Reduce manual errors from re-keying data with automated legal case management forms.

Get Automated Forms

Remain Productive

Collaborate with staff members and clients from anywhere to complete cases faster.

Enhance Collaboration

Enhance Accessibility

Manage cases on the go with every detail of every case saved to LEAP.

Work From Anywhere

Automate Matters for All Common Areas of Law

LEAP offers pre-built matter types in all common areas of law, including real estate, family law, litigation, commercial law, and estate planning and probate. A Recurring Matter Template in LEAP enables a firm to create a new matter using a pre-defined template. Every time a new matter is created, the entry of data is minimized, accuracy is maximized, and efficiency is optimized.

The LEAP Content Team is dedicated to building automated, up-to-date legal case forms so that attorneys can manage their matters easier and spend less time on manual work.


Take Matter Management On-the-Go

Access your legal cases wherever is most convenient with the LEAP Mobile App. You can manage every detail of every case on your phone, tablet, or computer with the LEAP matter management features. Every contact, correspondence, task, time entry, financial transaction, and file is linked to the case and easily searched by the client or matter.

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Collaborate to Complete Cases Faster

LawConnect and the LEAP legal case management software allow you to quickly and securely share legal documents and legal files with clients or other attorneys to view, comment, or sign. Updates will be saved directly to the case, so you can complete client work faster, bill promptly, and make more money.

Legal Case Management Software Questions

LEAP helps law firms become more productive and profitable.