The Legal Practice Productivity Solution for Estate Planning and Probate Attorneys

LEAP helps lawyers specializing in estate planning and probate simplify tasks to better serve their clients making their most important decisions.

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Better Together

LEAP and WealthCounsel have joined forces to create a groundbreaking software integration for estate planning and probate attorneys. WealthCounsel’s market-leading estate planning drafting software is now directly accessible from within the LEAP platform, allowing you to automate your legal drafting while managing your estate planning practice, matters and contacts, and legal accounting and billing, all from within LEAP.

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Reduce Manual Work

LEAP offers pre-built matter types so attorneys only have to enter information once. This information then auto-populates across letters, emails, and automated legal documents. These matter types include estate planning, wills (for an individual, spouses, or de facto couples), and probate.

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Auto-Populate Estate Planning & Probate Forms

LEAP includes 12,000+ forms ready to be automatically filled with client details such as Power of Attorney, Application for Probate and Petition for Formal Probate, and more. Mirrored wills are a unique feature for NY, NJ, and MA estate planning law firms. Oftentimes, married couples jointly seek estate planning services, and LEAP allows attorneys to generate automated mirrored versions easily.

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Manage Critical Dates and Deadlines

To effectively handle complex cases, litigators must calculate, create, and manage critical dates and deadlines. These processes must be automated to maintain positive client relationships and avoid malpractice suits. The LawToolBox integration with LEAP legal practice productivity solution is designed to streamline the process of managing all your critical legal deadlines and court dates.

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Securely Share Documents

Creating wills and the probate process naturally include sharing extremely private and confidential information. Using LawConnect, you can securely share and collaborate on information and documents with your clients and other stakeholders.

"The ability to customize estate planning templates and the ease of creating documents once those are set up has completely transformed and streamlined our estate planning practice."
Annika Bockius-Suwyn | Danger Law | Estate Planning Law Firm

LEAP helps Estate Planning and Probate law firms become more productive.