Legal Document Creation Software

Instantly generate state-specific automated legal forms and documents.

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Benefits of Legal Document Creation Software

Save Time

Eliminate time spent on manual document creation with "fill-in-the-blank" legal forms and automating your firm's templates.

Automate Legal Document Assembly

Eliminate Double Data Entry

Enter commonly-used clauses once and have it auto-populate across multiple forms to eliminate errors.

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Manage Documents On-the-Go

Scan, access, and collaborate on documents and forms from any iOS or Android device from anywhere, at any time.

Work from Anywhere

Stay Up-to-Date

Gain instant access to continuously updated legal forms for your jurisdictions and areas of law.

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Improve Legal Document Creation

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work anywhere

Generate Documents from Anywhere

Connect to the internet to access legal forms and create legal documents quickly and easily. Use the LEAP Mobile App to manage your case files from your laptop, phone, or tablet.

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Frank Materia

Frank discusses how the cloud-based LEAP legal practice productivity solution has revolutionized how his firm operates, allowing easy access to files from anywhere and everywhere.

LEAP helps law firms become more productive and profitable.