The Mobile Law Office

Work from home or the office with secure case and document collaboration through the LEAP Mobile App to eliminate downtime and missed revenue.


Benefits of Working from Anywhere

Have a Paperless Law Firm

Organize and declutter your practice with secure document scanning from the LEAP Mobile App to save forms, IDs, and evidence to the corresponding matter as a PDF.

Enhance Document Management

Collaborate Remotely

Support staff and partners back at the office, at home, or anywhere can safely access files on any device to eliminate communication errors and improve efficiency.

Enhance Collaboration

Instantly Record Time

Capture time on phone calls, meetings, and billable work and sync it back to the relevant matter. Instant time capture on the go ensures you'll never miss another billable minute.

Make More Money

Create Legal Documents Anywhere

Take photos of important documents, IDs, and evidence and save them right back to the corresponding case as a PDF, which can be instantly accessed by staff and partners.

Improve Efficiency

Collaborate and Time Record Remotely

  • Work from anywhere with the LEAP Mobile App.

  • Use single sign-on for all devices including your desktop, browser, mobile phone, mobile-connected watch, tablet, and Alexa.

  • Access automated legal forms and files on the go.

  • Find cases, contact details, critical dates, case financials, and tasks quickly.

  • Instantly track time and sync it to the matter.

  • Securely scan documents and save them directly to a case.


Easily Communicate with Clients

LEAP Desktop now integrates with Microsoft Teams and Zoom for internal collaboration while working remotely from anywhere. For example, both integrations allow users to schedule and start meetings directly from the matter. Also, you can send documents and matters, or notify staff to call clients back through Microsoft Teams.

Everything you need to make your firm more money.