Legal Collaboration Software for Law Firms

Easily work with your staff and communicate with clients from any location with the legal collaboration tools in the LEAP legal practice management solution.

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Utilize the Power of Microsoft 365

Streamline your team's collaboration with Microsoft Teams through Microsoft 365's integration with LEAP. Easily share LEAP documents and matters with a colleague or multiple staff members to edit, review, or discuss. Don't forget to call clients back or other parties with the ability to notify other staff to call them back directly from LEAP.


Easily Schedule Zoom & Microsoft Teams Meetings

Make video meetings easy when you allow attendees to use Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Zoom and Microsoft Teams integrate with LEAP to let you schedule video calls with one click so you can remotely meet with staff, clients, co-counsel, and other parties.


Exceed Client Expectations

FaceTime integrates with LEAP, allowing you to video call clients and third parties directly from a LEAP matter on your iOS device. Take advantage of face-to-face meetings from any location with the ability to send FaceTime invitations from the LEAP Mobile app. In addition, instantly record time spent on FaceTime calls made through the LEAP Mobile App to account for all billable work.


Increase Productivity from Anywhere

The LEAP cloud-based practice management system makes it easy to stay on top of your matters and collaborate with your team while working from home. Take advantage of integrated matter management, document automation, and legal accounting from anywhere, at any time.

"My staff loves the new system and learns each day more that can be done on LEAP. All information is located in one place, my pleadings, my emails, my notes, my excel sheets, and all documents."
Debra Thomas | Law Offices of Debra A. Thomas

Firms using LEAP make more money.