Legal Trust Accounting Software

Automate and perform complex trust accounting transactions with LEAP legal practice productivity solution.

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Benefits of Automated Legal Trust Accounting Software

Simplify Law Firm Accounting

Perform complex transactions across large amounts of data with intuitive law firm accounting software.

Trust Balance Dashboards

Easy-to-use trust account dashboards help legal professionals avoid inadvertently misusing client funds.

Mitigate Compliance Risks

Avoid malpractice claims and work with peace of mind with IOLA, IOLTA, and state bar rule-compliant trust accounting.

Reduce Manual Work

Attorneys and bookkeepers can focus on revenue-driving tasks rather than spend time on manual reconciliations.

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streamline legal billing

Get Paid Faster with Automated Legal Billing

The legal time tracking and legal billing functionality in LEAP make it easier and less personal to claim outstanding fees. Generate bills within seconds with customized billing templates and instant bookkeeping entries. Collect payments online and make it easier for your clients to pay their bills.


Simplify Legal Accounting

See Financial Data in One Place

A seamless integration with QuickBooks Online allows attorneys to see the firm’s financial data in one place. Every financial transaction is automatically saved to the matter, with approval processes and payment limits providing additional security when dealing with disbursements, invoices, and client transactions. In addition, reconciliation reports can be printed or saved, ensuring firms have a clear set of records.

Legal Trust Accounting

Meet the Demands of Real Estate Law

Real estate law requires software to process large transactions at high volume rapidly. With LEAP, real estate attorneys and title closing agents benefit from a robust system that handles high-volume real estate transactions. Manage your real estate trust accounts with LEAP, so you can stay organized and focus on practicing law.

Legal Trust Accounting Software Questions

LEAP helps law firms become more productive and profitable.