Why LEAP Legal Software?

See why over 60K legal professionals trust LEAP to improve law firm productivity with case management, document automation, accounting, and billing combined in one solution for all common areas of law.

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Everything You Need to Run Your Law Firm

LEAP offers an innovative legal software solution, improving client services so law firms can better help those in need.

  • Access matters on the go with the LEAP Mobile App

  • Automate cases with pre-built matter types in all common areas of law

  • Reduce time spent on document creation with automated legal forms

  • Increase profits with accurate billing, integrated time recording, and trust accounting features

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Manage Matters Across All Common Areas of Law

LEAP offers pre-built matter types in all common areas of law including estate planning, real estate, family law, litigation, and commercial law. LEAP Legal Experts regularly update matter types, legal forms, and more so attorneys can focus their time on billable work.

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Hear from Our Customers

From productivity-boosting features to time-saving tools, LEAP provides the functionality needed to run an efficient and flexible law firm. But don’t just take our word for it! Hear from our customers and see how LEAP legal practice management software has improved their law firms' productivity and profitability.

Everything you need to make your firm more money.