LEAP Legal Software Testimonials

What LEAP users have to say.


Staci Greenwald, Esq.

Frank Materia, Esq.

Cassandra T. Savoy, Esq.

Larry Raiken, Esq.

Martin Liberman, Esq.


Jennifer D. Armstrong - Attorney at law

“I am a solo family law practitioner located in Toms River, NJ and started using LEAP in November of 2016. This is my first time using a case management system and I have been very impressed with how easily it integrates with both Quickbooks Online, Outlook and EasySoft. I am not a tech savvy person but have found the system easy to use and the online demos and tutorials extremely helpful. Tech support has been very quick and responsive in answering all of our questions. I can now work on the go and have been able to capture more billable time thanks to the mobile app.”

Jennifer D. Armstrong Attorney at Law

Robert W. McAndrew, Esq. logo

"I am glad that I recently switched to LEAP. My practice area is litigation, and using LEAP allows me to bypass several steps (that I would have to take using other software systems) when I’m creating, editing and saving documents. The merge features and the templates are helpful. Also, so long as I have my iPhone or tablet handy, all of my files can be readily accessed. The billing and accounting aspects of the software are very user-friendly and real time savers as well."

Robert W. McAndrew, Esq. Counsellor at Law

Smith - Villazor logo

"When we launched our white-collar boutique firm in April 2016, we looked for a legal case management systems solution that would match our experience working at an international large law firm. After testing several options and meeting with many sales representatives, we found LEAP and its team were best tailored to meet our needs. It is an all-inclusive practice and case management system with everything we need to run our boutique firm. LEAP, and its convenient app, allow us to efficiently oversee our matters, help us manage our work product, record time and handle invoices from the office, home or on the road. Moreover, LEAP continues to update and improve its system and welcomes and incorporates feedback from its clients. LEAP has been a great investment for the future of our firm."

Rodney Villazor Esq.

Rack Law - Legal Software Reviews

“When deciding to purchase a new legal software program, there were many to choose from that “talked a good game.” We found that LEAP had it all! The training provided to our firm as a new customer was excellent, their customer service superb, and the 24-hour help desk is priceless. Need we say more? ”

Nicki Tarn, Director of Marketing at Rack & Moccia PC

Legal Software Reviews - Tanya Helfand

"We changed to LEAP to move our technology forwarding allowing for access remotely so we could service the client more efficiently. Change is difficult, but I’m happy to report we are very satisfied with the program."

Tanya Helfand Esq.

Stefani Goldin - Attorney at law

“Our practice, limited to matrimonial, family, and criminal law has greatly benefited from LEAP’s legal software. Before using LEAP, our law firm did not have all our resources consolidated into one central location. LEAP has allowed us to have all our client related information including contacts, documents, billing, email, etc. under one system. Being able to use one legal software for our entire practice has enabled us to improve our efficiency. We have found LEAP’s customer service to be very devoted, persistent, and involved in helping our law firm succeed with using the legal case management system.”

Stefani Goldin Attorney at Law

Jennifer Kang Butler - Legal Software Reviews

"As an attorney specializing in Real Estate Transactions, I find the features of LEAP very relevant to my practice. While LEAP is suitable for all areas of law, I have been able to tailor the case management system to fit my firm. My practice benefits from LEAP’s legal trust accounting software, which allows me to have easy movement and production of trust reports. The automated forms gives me access to common forms in Real Estate, such as the Closing Disclosure Form.”

Jennifer Kang Butler Attorney at Law

Legal Software Reviews - Lori A. Corini

"From inception, the people at LEAP were personally invested into helping me achieve my goals. LEAP has continued to invest into my business with in-person training and webinars. Once you learn how to use this system, you can automate certain letters and forms. This increases my efficiency and enables me to spend that time doing something else.

I can access my legal files on a computer, cell phone and/or iPad instead of going into the office or taking files with me. I enjoy using and learning about LEAP, and am excited to see what LEAP and I can achieve in the future. "

Lori A. Corini Esq.

Legal Software Reviews - Denise Nordheimer

"As someone who has been running her own small firm for some time, when I first saw LEAP I was astounded at such a complete practice management system. It was so far ahead of what anyone else was offering I knew that we had to explore bringing it into my firm. Since it is not our first system, there was a good deal of transition work, both on our end and LEAP’s. Everyone rose to the occasion. Now that it has been in place for a few months and we are optimizing its functionality, the potential I saw has become a reality. Our billables are up because they are captured so organically, and our billing and follow up time has been greatly reduced. All new endeavors can be challenging, but these were good “growing pains”."

Denise Nordheimer Esq.

Legal Software Reviews - Will Green

"LEAP is a comprehensive case management system. What distinguishes LEAP from other legal software is that it truly encompasses everything you need for your practice to thrive. LEAP is a matter management system, time tracking software , law firm marketing tool, and legal client portal all-in-one. Our practice relies on LEAP for our time recording, case management, billing and more."

Will Green Esq.

Aziz Law Logo

"Until I started using LEAP, I was using multiple platforms to run my small firm. This was not an optimal solution at all. It was very time consuming searching for information relating to one matter from different places. After attending a CLE presentation and hearing all the wonderful things LEAP was capable of, I contacted them as soon as I could.

However, after viewing a demo of LEAP, it was love at first sight. Now with LEAP installed, my practice is streamlined and efficient. The automated document production feature and the ability to bill my clients on the go is life changing! The use of this product has allowed everyone in my office to have the ability to be more effective and we now have the capability to invoice for time that we never did before. The Paralegal in my office said “where has this been my whole life?"

M. Aziz Aziz Law group

Frank J. Materia - Attorney at law

“LEAP allows me to save money because I do not need another office space for file cabinets. With LEAP, I have a virtual office that allows me to have my practice in the car, home, or actually anywhere.”

Frank J. Materia Attorney at Law

Cassandra T. Savoy logo

"I have used LEAP for about four months. It is fabulous. The fact that my billing has increased by 30% because the system facilitates capturing every service provided to the client makes the investment well worth the money. In addition, the customer service is great. Despite the fact that LEAP is very user friendly, we hit a few road bumps at the beginning. The tech team responded promptly and each was knowledgeable and friendly. My staff loves the program because it keeps us all on the same page. I know what has happened in each file simply by opening the file in LEAP. LEAP where have you been all of my life!"

Cassandra T. Savoy PC

Sheryl J. Seiden - Attorney at law - Legal Software Reviews

“At a time when I was unsure of what legal software to use, as I was opening my own law firm, I was fortunate to find LEAP. LEAP has been a wonderful integrated case management system for me to use to build and continue to grow my law firm. They have provided us with tremendous in person support and in person training during our transition. With each in person meeting, we learn how to use even more of the terrific features that LEAP offers. Not only has LEAP been open to our suggestions for improvement, but they continue to use our suggestions and the suggestions of other lawyers to build an even better legal software program. It is incredible how I can use LEAP from anywhere in the world to work on my cases, input and review my billing, and receivables of our firm. I can even access LEAP from court using the application on my iPhone to view client documents and billing records. LEAP has been an advantageous resource for the success of my law firm.”

Sheryl J. Seiden Esq.

Erik W. Mueller

"I've been using LEAP for about 6 months now and it has become the core of every aspect of my practice. LEAP makes it easy to keep paperwork organized and easy to access and I am now virtually a paper-free office.

Honestly, this software does everything. Whether I need to write a quick e-mail or reconcile my trust account, LEAP is perfectly designed to handle it.

LEAP can be intimidating but the customer service is fantastic. People are always available on the phone to answer questions. Their chat option is good also for times when you may be stuck on a simple problem.

I highly recommend LEAP for anyone, especially if you are interested in reducing the volume of paper in your office."

Erik W. Mueller Attorney at law

Martin Liberman - Legal Software Review

"LEAP is a very innovative company. Their main goal is to work with small law firms not these huge, conglomerate law firms. They tailor themselves to the small law firms and solo practitioners and make it easy for us to practice and spend more time doing other things than the continual grunt work, we normally would have to do. We can now get our work done quicker and more efficiently because of pre-configured forms and templates. LEAP’s email management allows to organize emails in individual files by matter. So, I don’t have to go searching through multiple files to find an email. The reason I would recommend LEAP is that there is nothing like this product; everything is integrated into one system."

Martin Liberman Esq.

Michael Gordon - Legal Software Review

"The key elements I looked for when choosing a case management system was comprehensiveness and ease of use. I also have a paralegal and office manager, so I knew that all of us needed to be able to use the legal software with ease to create a strong internal network. At my office, we have found LEAP very intuitive and incredibly helpful. The first thing I do in the morning is login to LEAP and open the time recording sheet. I don’t even think about it. It’s become a natural part of my day. With LEAP, I can easily file documents, send out emails, time record, and bill all within the same software."

Michael Gordon Esq.


"There are so many aspects of this software that help in the day to day operations. Everyone in the firm stays up to date and it has definitely helped in keeping things organized. It was an extremely easy transition for our firm to switch."

Anthony Allen Anthony Allen & Associates