The Essentials of Matter and Document Automation

Save Your Law Firm Time and Money With LEAP

Simplify document drafting, manage all of your matters with ease, and get everything you need to run a law firm.

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LEAP Improves Productivity and Profitability

Create letters fasterAccess up-to-date formsAdd your own documentsCreate matter templatesAutomate matter details

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Draft All Documents & Letters in LEAP

Legal professionals spend significant amounts of valuable time drafting legal documents and correspondence. With LEAP, you can easily draft tens of thousands of standard and custom legal forms, documents, and letters from a single location and reduce manual work with the power of automation. Simplify your document drafting to make your firm more efficient and profitable.

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Access Up-to-Date Forms, No Matter What

LEAP ensures that all of your forms and documents are up to date via the red dot alert. Whenever a new form or document is made available in LEAP, a red dot will automatically populate by the document’s name in LEAP, and the forms will soon update automatically.

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How does LEAP keep legal forms and you up to date?

Automated Legal Forms Available
Documents Shared
Documents Automated
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LawConnect: Secure Legal Document Sharing & Collaboration Made Simple

With the LawConnect integration in LEAP, users can easily and securely share documents for approval or signature and collaborate with clients online anywhere, anytime—all through the LEAP legal practice productivity solution. LawConnect amplifies the power of LEAP by making document management and collaboration simpler than ever.

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Unparalleled LEAP Client Support

All LEAP firms receive personalized support from a designated Practice Management Advisor, who ensures that all law firm users are getting the most out of LEAP. Users get access to live client support via the LEAP HelpDesk, and enjoy unlimited access to on-demand training resources like LEAP University and the Help Center. LEAP clients can also attend regular forms and templates webinars that make it easy to unlock the full value of LEAP.

LEAP Changes the Way You Practice Law

From streamlined document management to leading-edge automation to unparalleled client support, LEAP will change the way that you practice law and revolutionize your law firm’s productivity.

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