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We focus on just one thing, the needs of law firms.

Richard Hugo-Hamman

Executive Chairman

"We have found that there are four great challenges facing lawyers; these are the ability to:

  • consistently deliver quality legal advice and services;
  • enjoy legal practice more with less stress;
  • generate sufficient working capital to grow the firm;
  • make a profitable business that will have value in the future.

Most lawyers want to help people (people like you and me) when in need and it is difficult to balance clients’ needs with the demands of running a business. The business side of things always suffers. LEAP redresses this imbalance.

For more than 20 years we have constantly researched the needs of lawyers in firms and designed great solutions to help them. We have found that the challenges are very similar in all countries. The human needs of clients are the same after all.

We continue to invest in a cycle of continuous innovation designing and developing solutions that take advantage of the latest technologies to bring costs down, and which are remarkably practical and natural to use for anyone familiar with the operations of law firms.

No matter what your involvement in law firms is, I invite you to make contact with me directly, I will always be happy to take your call or exchange correspondence."

Peter Baverstock

Chief Executive Officer

"I enjoy seeing our clients achieve great success and helping them improve profitability with our software. I have a great team of dedicated people available to help you improve your business."

Prior to becoming the CEO of LEAP US, Peter was the CEO of LEAP UK. Under his charge, LEAP UK was successfully transformed from a start-up to the number one supplier of legal software to law firms in the United Kingdom. Within 3.5 years, LEAP UK attracted more than 11,000 end users and 2,000 firms. Peter joined LEAP in 2013. Before being named CEO of LEAP UK in 2016, Peter was the director of LegalOffice, a LEAP Company. Peter has over 23 years of experience working with firms to improve legal technology and practice management.

Ramsey Cabbani

Director of Sales

"Helping law firms make more money with the same number of people is my number one priority.

If you are a sole practitioner, or a member of a law firm that wants to increase profit, leveraging the best technology is your opportunity to thrive in a competitive marketplace.

My teams are laser-focused on the needs of law firms, and live the mantra: never, ever give up.

This is made easy when you work in a highly driven, dynamic business that is determined to achieve its goals.

I welcome you to contact me via email, so that I can personally show you how LEAP can assist your business."

Kelly Clifford

Director of New England

“At LEAP I work closely with our clients to deliver a product that meets their needs.

I have found that the biggest hurdle for law firms is switching from manual processes or old practice management systems to LEAP. I am passionate about empowering firms through this transition.

Throughout my 16+ year career at LEAP, I have worked with thousands of law firms to help them switch to LEAP and improve their practice.

I have worked in virtually every department at LEAP. Now as the Director of New England, I am committed to bringing the best legal practice management software on the market to New England firms."

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