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Access a library of automated legal forms, matter types, and content specific to your jurisdictions and areas of law.


Benefits of Having a Legal Content Library

Easily Open Matters

Access over 3k pre-built matter types and over 12k up-to-date legal forms for all common areas of law.

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Reduce Double-Data Entry

Save time and enter client information once into your electronic matter to auto-populate throughout all your legal forms and templates.

Automate Legal Documents

Save Valuable Time

Easily calculate legal rates in LEAP, reducing time spent searching court and government department records.

Streamline Accounting & Billing

Ongoing Support Resources

Access free training resources like bi-weekly webinars to ensure you're getting the most out of automated forms in LEAP.

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"There’s quite a few specialities of forms that are within the LEAP software. As far as forms are concerned, it’s much easier to pull up forms from LEAP than it was just to go into your own system."
Martin Liberman | Martin Liberman, Esq.
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Eliminate Errors with Automation

Automatically populate the legal forms you regularly use with case information in LEAP. Full integrations with Microsoft and Adobe allow you to quickly create documents, forms, and letters with data pulled from the electronic matter.

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Accelerate Legal Drafting

The LEAP Clause Library makes legal drafting a simpler process, saving you valuable hours of billable time. Access all of your clauses from one place and quickly insert them with one click. Expedite drafting of contracts, forms, pleadings, and more, so you can increase your firm's efficiency and profits.

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Better Together

LEAP and WealthCounsel have joined forces to create a groundbreaking software integration for estate planning and probate attorneys. WealthCounsel’s market-leading estate planning drafting software is now directly accessible from within the LEAP platform, allowing you to automate your legal drafting while managing your estate planning practice, matters and contacts, and legal accounting and billing, all from within LEAP.


Simplify Legal Document Creation

The LEAP Document Customization Engine provides flexibility and tailored automation for your firm’s legal court forms and templates, no matter the complexity of the document.

Pre-Built Matter Types for Law Firms

LEAP offers pre-built matter types across all common areas of law and many jurisdictions, including case details and legal calculators, to help firms easily open and manage cases.

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