The LEAP Legal Clause Library

Accelerate legal drafting with the ability to insert clauses into documents with one click.

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Benefits of a Legal Clause Library

Streamline Legal Drafting

Access your commonly-used clauses in one place and insert them into documents with one click.

Enhance Document Creation

Save Time & Increase Profits

Eliminate the time needed to copy and paste clauses into documents and use that time for billable tasks.

Automate Legal Documents

Made for Your Firm

The LEAP Clause Library benefits law firms across all practice areas, from litigators to transactional lawyers preparing wills.

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Improve Client Satisfaction

Reduce time for legal drafting and eliminate formatting issues associated with inserting each clause into a document.

Improve Document Accuracy
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Automate Clauses in Your Legal Documents

The LEAP Clause Library is a sophisticated feature built into LEAP Desktop that gives you the power to draft contracts, forms, and other legal documents more efficiently and accurately than ever before. The Clause Library allows you to create and maintain all of the clauses your firm uses to serve your clients and finish legal drafting faster, so you can save time, improve client service, and make more money.

Firms using LEAP make more money.