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4 Reasons Integrations Should Be On Your Legal Software Wish List

July 23, 2021

Many integrations are available when using LEAP Legal Software

With attorneys working from home, the office, and every combination of the two, many legal professionals are looking to adopt legal practice management software that gives them everything they need to run their firm.

Finding legal software that integrates seamlessly with other systems should be added to any attorney’s “wish list.” Legal practice management software like LEAP, not only provides case management, document automation, instant time recording, billing, and trust accounting but also works seamlessly with the other systems that your firm needs in order to make more money.

These other systems may include tools already being used by your firm or new innovative solutions that should be adopted to run your firm more efficiently.

Here are the 4 reasons why system integrations should be on your legal software wish list:

You Don’t Have to Sacrifice Your Current Systems

Your legal practice management software should seamlessly work with the platforms that your firm is already using, like Office 365. Workflows like email management in Outlook, document production in Microsoft Word, and chatting with colleagues on Microsoft Teams should not be sacrificed for adopting new legal software.

Legal software systems like LEAP integrate seamlessly with Office 365 and offer instant time recording and legal document automation when using Word and Outlook. Case details are also pre-filled into court forms and emails, saving attorneys time on administrative work.

Provide Clients With Remote Collaboration and Services

Provide Clients With Remote Collaboration and Services

Today’s consumers are looking for more ways to access and collaborate on the services they are paying for. The legal industry is no exception.

LawConnect was built for LEAP as a legal document management and collaboration tool for attorneys. With only a few clicks, attorneys can securely request and share large files with clients and third parties. Legal professionals can designate access permissions, request reviews and responses, and give clients a centralized location for all documents that are being worked on together.

LEAP Legal Software and LawConnect

You Can Get Paid Faster

It’s important to use systems that directly contribute to your law firm’s bottom line. E-Billing is a LEAP partner add-in that will export invoices in LEDES (Legal Electronic Data Exchange Standard) billing formats, specific to the matter and period of time.

System integrations should make it easy for law firms to bill and collect payments. Securely collect payments once the invoice is sent with systems like FeeWise. This system allows attorneys to generate payment footers on invoices, accept payments online via major credit cards, and produce receipts automatically.

When these transactions need bank reconciliation and legal accounting, systems like QuickBooks Online and Xero should be used to complete the law firm’s accounting. Legal software should communicate seamlessly with these types of financial management systems so law firms can make more money.

Your Law Firm Can Get Paid Faster

Innovate Your Law Firm

Legal software providers, like LEAP, are pushing the boundaries of what kind of technology is available to today’s law firms. Along with exclusive integrations and integrated apps, LEAP also provides law firms with the LEAP Marketplace.

This resource tool is made available to LEAP users and allows them to gain access to LEAP-integrated apps. LEAP Marketplace provides additional value for law firms, enabling developers the opportunity to make more integrations that can be regularly available and highly customizable.

Integrations - LEAP Marketplace

Learn more about LEAP and its exclusive integrations and integrated apps today. With the right legal software and the right integrations, attorneys will have everything they need to run their firms.

Learn more about LEAP and its exclusive integrations and integrated apps

With the right legal software and the right integrations, attorneys will have everything they need to run their firms.