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Automated Court Forms Library

Produce legal documentation quickly and consistently with automated state-specific legal forms.


Automated document production

Start automatically populating the court and legal forms you regularly use with case and client information. With advanced document automation you can eliminate errors, save time, and make more money. Full integrations with Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, and Adobe PDF allow you to quickly create documents, forms, and letters with data automatically merged from the matter.

LEAP's automated legal forms saves you time and money by eliminating errors thanks to convenient integrations.

Legal Forms Library

  • Over 7500 legal forms for 1600+ matter types.
  • Enter client information once to populate throughout all legal forms.
  • Pre-configured case types for all common areas of law.
  • Quick and easy legal calculators and up-to-date rates.
  • Dedicated design and automation team to create and update legal forms.


Efficiency for Law Firms

Simply enter your important client information into LEAP once. These details are then populated throughout all your legal forms. With on-the-spot automation, there is no need to manually fill in data. Automation allows for a seamless business experience, saving you time, reducing typographical errors, and lessening your workload.

Case Types

LEAP provides pre-configured case types for all common areas of law. The benefit of having case types is that they serve as a checklist of information about the case. This information is only entered in once to populate across all your legal forms and to be re-used throughout the life of the case.

About LEAP's Automated Legal Forms Software

“There’s quite a few specialities of forms that are within the LEAP software. We’ve got real estate, we’ve got matrimonial, there’s civil litigation, and there’s other areas of practice. You know, as far as forms are concerned, it’s much easier to pull up forms from LEAP than it was just to go into your own system.”

Martin Liberman


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Calculator & Rates

Save hours searching court and government department records with quick access to legal rates in LEAP, available across different areas of law. Find the most up-to-date filing fee for your relevant court, or quickly calculate New Jersey, New York, or Massachusetts child support, mortgage or loan repayments or other common legal calculations.

Dedicated Legal Forms Team

LEAP has a highly experienced and specialized Design and Automation team dedicated to the creation and maintenance of automated legal forms. Benefit from a team with over 25 years of expertise and experience creating legal forms for attorneys.

LEAP's automated legal forms help you organize your law firm - organize your office with LEAP.

Everything you need to run a law firm

Mobile Law Office

Automatically record time on client calls and access cases, clients, and documents with a single sign on for all your devices.

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Document Management

Create, store, organize, track changes, and share legal documents via LEAP to become a true paperless law office.

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Automated Court Forms Library

Get access to the most extensive and up-to-date range of automated court and legal forms available in LEAP at no extra cost.

Accounting & Billing

Integrates with QuickBooks to track billable units, manage trust and client accounts, and capture disbursements in compliance with IOLTA regulations.

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