Cloud-Based Legal Software

LEAP is a cloud-based legal software solution, which means law firms can eliminate their on-premises servers. Since LEAP is hosted in the cloud, users can access firm data and work from anywhere at any time.

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Improve Accessibility with Cloud-Based Law Firm Software

  • Access all client and case information, including documents and accounting, with a comprehensive and secure cloud-based legal case management software solution.

  • Work offline or online assured that all data is secured by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

  • Sync law firm data every time you connect to the internet, so everyone has the same version.

  • Seamlessly collaborate with law firm staff and clients through integrations with Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

No More Servers Whitepaper

Download our whitepaper to see how transitioning to the cloud with the LEAP legal practice productivity solution can simplify your IT, lower overhead costs, and increase profits.


Secure Data with Amazon Web Services

LEAP uses secure data transmission and storage. All data is stored on Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers in line with global best practice standards for data security to mitigate non-compliance risks.

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Everything You Need to Run Your Law Firm

Practice management, document assembly and management, legal publishing, and legal accounting are all available with the LEAP legal practice productivity solution, giving legal professionals everything they need to run a law firm.

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Document Management and Collaboration

Securely share documents of any size for approval or signature and collaborate with clients online. Our robust document-sharing solution provides complete control over all your files, enabling seamless access management and greater visibility across all shared documents. Safely send invoices and statements to your clients in just a few clicks.

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Safeguarding Sensitive Data

LEAP has received SOC 2 certification, the gold standard for security compliance for SaaS companies. This attests to our unwavering commitment to holding the highest standards for security and confidentiality in safeguarding our users’ data. LEAP internal security controls underwent a rigorous and independent audit which verified that LEAP operates per industry standards.

Cloud-Based Legal Software Questions

LEAP helps law firms become more productive and profitable.