Automated Legal Forms

Access and complete your legal forms in a matter-of-seconds.

Can you increase productivity and efficiency without adding staff? This becomes a reality when you have an up-to-date collection of legal forms and automation.

Your own library

It’s time for you to work less and achieve more. That’s why we created a comprehensive library of extensive legal forms. This inclusive collection spans across all common areas of law and states, including but not limited to New York and New Jersey. Your library includes even the most complex forms, such as the Closing Disclosure Form and Case Information Statement.

Turn hours into minutes

When you have a centralized database with over thousands of legal forms across various areas of common law you can turn time spent searching into billable hours. Since you have access to your own archive of forms you won’t have to waste time scanning various court authority websites for the right version.


Always up-to-date

We’ve got you covered. To ensure your forms are always in their latest version, our skilled Content Team with legal backgrounds constantly researches and updates all legal forms in your library. We also have an automated system in place for checking all court authority websites for changes, so you never have to search.

Get the latest

Our Content Blog apprises you of any changes that have been made. If you would like to be informed of the latest changes, you can subscribe to the blog, and we will send you email notifications.

An error-free process

Your paralegal copied and pasted a form from one matter to another and only changed half of the client information. This document was supposed to be sent out early in the morning, but with the mistake, it will take time out of your jammed-packed schedule to fix.

Automation in LEAP creates an error-free, one-time process. An error only must be corrected once, and the change auto-populates across all documents, ensuring all mistakes have been eliminated.

Save 7 hours per week

Forms are now generated quickly as key data is merged directly from the electronic matter. When you can quickly and accurately merge data into a document, you’ll save up to 7 hours per week per staff member. With that extra time, your firm is empowered to take on more work and make more money.


"LEAP is adaptive. LEAP provides legal forms across all areas of law, but if I wish to use my own forms I am able to. The legal forms within LEAP allow me to do what I am comfortable doing at a much faster pace."

- Cassandra T. Savoy, Esq.

Optimize your staff

Do you have four or more paralegals all working on re-keying client information into various forms? If so, your law firm isn’t optimizing its staff.

Automation allows your law firm to reach its fullest potential. You don't have to increase your headcount, instead you can optimize the current staff you have. With the extra time and efficiency, your staff is able shift its focus to marketing for new business.

Increase billable hours

The functionality within LEAP allows even the most complex forms such as the Closing Disclosure Form and the Case Information Statement to be automated. Data will no longer have to be re-entered several times throughout these lengthy forms. All tedious calculations and amounts in the CDF are calculated for you. An estimated 3 hours will be saved from the total length of your Real Estate or Family Law matters. Transfer these newly saved hours into billable hours.

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