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The Law Firm's Guide to Legal Practice Productivity Software

July 28, 2022

The Law Firm's Guide to Legal Practice Productivity Software

Like every other industry, the legal industry has recognized and embraced the need to adopt technology to support stronger business practices and processes. Law firms especially have felt the pressure to embrace automation and more modern practices to improve productivity, revenue, and overall client satisfaction to create a more profitable law practice. However, the legal tech market is growing rapidly with offerings for specific areas of law, business functions, and more. This can create confusion and overwhelm legal professionals that are looking for an intuitive solution to manage their practice.

LEAP legal practice productivity solution eliminates the confusion around legal software by bringing all the functions a firm needs into one system. As the only legal practice productivity solution on the market, LEAP gives firms a competitive edge by improving productivity, increasing revenue, reducing compliance risks, and improving client experiences and satisfaction. In this blog post, we will cover:

  • The definition of legal software

  • The benefits of implementing legal software

  • The features of LEAP legal practice productivity solution

  • Why firms choose LEAP

What is legal software?

Let’s start with defining legal software. Legal software helps attorneys run and manage all aspects of their practice. These attorney software solutions can be a single, comprehensive, and integrated system or a collection of solutions that are designed to help law firms manage both business and client needs. Firms can manage, automate, and enhance many aspects of business, including:

  • Business development and referrals

  • Matter creation and management

  • Automated legal forms

  • Templatized letters and emails

  • Time tracking

  • Remote data access and collaboration

  • Bank reconciliation and accounting

  • And more

Legal software can be as specific as Microsoft Word for creating documents and templates, or more comprehensive like an all-in-one legal practice productivity solution.

What are the benefits of legal software?

There are several benefits when firms implement legal software into their operations. Effective legal software will improve firm productivity, reduce overhead costs, and reduce manual tasks to improve employee output. As firms take advantage of more streamlined and automated business operations, they can spend more time providing high-quality services, leading to better client experiences, repeat customers, and referrals. Additionally, firms can reduce their risk of malpractice and noncompliance by implementing a solution that helps ensure they are using up-to-date forms, eliminating data errors from multiple entries, and automating accounting with centralized timekeeping, invoicing, and billing.

What is LEAP legal practice productivity solution?

LEAP legal practice productivity solution is a completely integrated and secure system that combines state-of-the-art practice management, legal accounting, document assembly and management, and legal publishing for all common areas of law. LEAP is an all-in-one, cloud-based legal software solution that includes every feature a law firm needs to improve productivity and make more money. LEAP consists of four core pillars to support law firms’ daily operations.

Practice management

LEAP allows attorneys to manage their entire firm from anywhere without missing a billable minute. Law firm staff can work securely, online or offline, with LEAP powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Whether a user is in the office, at court, or on the go, they can onboard new clients, track time spent on any billable tasks, access and collaborate on documents, import information, manage deadlines, create and send invoices, collect payments, and manage deadlines to create a highly productive firm that provides consistent and quality services for its clients.

Document assembly & management

LEAP automates document assembly and management by allowing users to auto-populate forms and documents with the LEAP Clause Library. When documents are created in LEAP, individual fields are pulled from the electronic matter to eliminate time wasted on redundant data entry and reduce the potential for errors. Additionally, LawConnect integrates exclusively with LEAP so lawyers and clients can easily share large legal files with private document collaboration using comment, reply, and e-signature features. LawConnect knows that security matters for your matters and provides extra layers of protection to store, access, and share documents with the world's most secure cloud computing platform, Amazon Web Services (AWS). Power your firm's productivity and ensure high-quality legal services and profitability with a directory for new business development, client booking and reminders, bill payments, and more on a single online solution.

Legal publishing

LEAP users have access to legal forms and pre-built matter types across all common areas of law and jurisdictions to eliminate hours of administrative work. This allows law firms to focus on revenue-driving tasks and ensure that their forms and documents are fully up-to-date and compliant. The LEAP Clause Library simplifies and expedites the legal drafting process to save attorneys valuable hours of time. Legal professionals can use the LEAP Clause Library to complete documents like complaints, interrogatories, orders, contracts, agreements, real estate planning documents, and more based on their areas of law and jurisdictions to reduce time on manual data entry and potential errors from copying and pasting each clause.

Legal accounting

LEAP simplifies complex transactions with built-in office and trust accounting functionality. Law firm staff can instantly generate invoices, manage retainers and trust accounts, and directly capture disbursements in the system to simplify compliance with IOLTA and state bar rules. The built-in time recording tools, legal calculator, and legal billing codes make it easy for lawyers to instantly capture billable time in a timesheet and accurately calculate case expenses. Invoices can be created, edited, and sent in LEAP with customizable billing templates. Additionally, Xero and QuickBooks Online integrate with LEAP to reduce double entries of accounting data and enable law firms to offer the options for online payment so that they can get paid faster.


LEAP is the only legal practice productivity software that provides attorneys with everything they need to run a modern, efficient, and profitable law firm. With almost 30 years of experience, LEAP is built based on the expertise and feedback of the top legal professionals around the globe: our clients. Through our Ideas Hub, legal professionals can provide feedback that influences the product roadmap to ensure that current and future features solve the challenges attorneys struggle with today. Additionally, LEAP democratizes access for all law firm staff members to a single source of truth through an intuitive user interface and the LEAP Mobile App, available for iOS and Android. LEAP has also won several awards for innovating practice management, such as Case Management Platform of the Year and Best Software as a Service for US Small and Mid-Sized Businesses.


Legal technology is crucial to firms staying in business and implementing business processes that support longevity, productivity, and profitability. LEAP is the only legal practice productivity solution on the market. It offers firms across areas of law and jurisdictions every tool they need to run a modern and efficient firm, including document management, legal publishing, and legal accounting. With dedicated support teams and user feedback, law firms can be up and running in as little as two days to start experiencing the benefits of practice productivity. To learn more about LEAP and how it can benefit your firm, schedule a demo today to see the LEAP legal practice productivity solution in action!

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