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4 Tips From LEAP Support on Mastering Quality Client Service

May 28, 2021

4 Tips From LEAP Support on Mastering Quality Client Service

Attorneys need effective tools that allow them to provide quality service to their clients.

There are many variables that can differentiate your business from the next. One of the biggest is the ability to provide quality service to your clients. A 2015 Nielsen study determined that two-thirds of all consumers put their faith in recommendations from people who have done business with you before. That means that the quality of services you provide to your clients could be the deciding factor for a prospect choosing your law firm over another.

Here are four tips from LEAP Support on mastering quality client service for your law firm:

Be Adaptable at Your Law Firm

Assisting your clients is more than simply answering emails and phone calls. Your clients have different preferences when it comes to processing information and it’s important to accommodate them.

How LEAP Support achieves this: LEAP is a true cloud practice management solution that follows the Software as a Service (SaaS) model with a heavy emphasis on “service.” Our clients receive the following at no additional cost:

  • Support communication channels including online chat, email, phone, online case creation, and more

  • Online training courses via LEAP University

  • A dedicated Practice Management Advisor as a fixed point of contact

  • Troubleshooting self-help guides and discussion spaces via LEAP Help Center

  • Regular training webinars and videos explaining new and advanced software features

How your firm can achieve this: LEAP legal software presents multiple channels that your law firm can utilize when communicating with your clients. With LEAP, your law firm can:

Stay Informed

Stay Informed on Legal Technology

Staying informed does not relate to the knowledge of the subject matter; that should be a given. Instead, we’re referring to the skill of listening to your clients for feedback. The best way to know if you are providing quality client service is to ask.

How LEAP Support achieves this: Every time a support case is resolved, the client that reported the case is sent a very short survey asking for their opinion on their experience with us. Every survey response is collected and reviewed by a manager to determine if further action is needed.

How your firm can achieve this: Creating a reliable feedback loop doesn’t need to be complicated. However, evidence suggests that clients are more honest when answering surveys online because it avoids the interviewer effect. Regardless of the application, it is crucial to consider all feedback with an open mind and be willing to make changes.

Always Respond

Always Respond to Legal Clients Quickly

It is unrealistic to expect an immediate response from one at any hour of the day or night. Rather, the focus should always be on making sure that channels of communication are clear, unambiguous, and timely. Taking days to reply will alienate clients and prospects alike.

How LEAP Support achieves this: Responding in a timely fashion is a key focus for us at LEAP. The average time a client is kept waiting to be connected for chat support is 13 seconds. We place a high priority on ensuring that a skilled LEAP expert is available to discuss any issue almost immediately.

Issues that require a more detailed approach can be logged with us via email or our website and will receive a response from a technician after more consideration. Alternatively, our clients can use our online booking system to schedule a convenient meeting time.

How your firm can achieve this: If an email account will be unmonitored for a period of time, an automatic response should always be set clearly explaining when your clients can expect a response. Similarly, any voicemail messages should be reviewed and updated periodically.

Adopt Mobility

Adopt Mobility in Your Law Firm

Even before the pandemic of 2020, there has been a longstanding trend of attorneys working away from the office. The past 12 months have heightened this significantly, but even as far back as 2015, the ABA found that lawyers were doing 25% of their work away from the office.

How LEAP Support achieves this: As you would probably expect, we practice what we preach when it comes to our use of technology. All our key LEAP support systems, from ticket creation to internal messaging and document storage solutions, utilize the cloud. As a result, the switch to working remotely was one that was seamless for our clients, so much so that we were even able to offer additional support to help our clients make their own shift to working from home.

How your firm can achieve this: Wherever possible, you should give thought to how you access your most important data. This is not just something to consider for your home, but also when at court, meeting with clients, or any other time you may need to view files while away from your desk. With LEAP, all your data is stored in a secure Amazon Web Services data center, so you can access all your matter information at any time, anywhere on multiple devices with a single sign-on. Always be mindful not to sacrifice security for accessibility.

LEAP Screenshot

To a client, quality service is more than assistance when things go wrong. It means getting answers in a format that suits their needs, access to useful knowledge and self-learning resources, and dedicated experts providing the best possible experience.

Providing quality service to your clients can be a challenge but there are tools available that will improve your law firm in this area. Contact us today and schedule a demonstration to see how LEAP legal software can help your law firm master quality client service.

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