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Integrated legal software solution for New Jersey attorneys

LEAP’s comprehensive legal software for New Jersey law firms combines case management, automated legal forms, email management, time recording, legal trust accounting, legal billing, legal reporting, and more into one single cloud-based software platform. No matter what device you use, you can access all your case information from LEAP.

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LEAP offers a full library of automated forms for New Jersey lawyers including:

LEAP also offers calculators to give you quick reference for basic child support amounts and motion return dates. Additionally, LEAP give you access to up-to-date filing fees for New Jersey courts.


Record Your Time Instantly

Law firms miss out on substantial profits because they underestimate their billable hours. LEAP’s instant timekeeping feature allows you to instantly record your daily activities while performing nearly any task and from any device. Simply select the “Time, Save, and Close” option to instantly record your time spent on documents, phone calls, emails or other tasks and save them against your matter. You can also use the time tracking feature on the LEAP Mobile App to quickly set a timer for external meetings or appointments, whether you are in court or working remotely. All the time you record instantly syncs with your LEAP timesheet, so you’ll never miss another billable minute.

Legal time tracking from anywhere - automatically sync time to the corresponding matter

“I think it’s easy access to Timesheet… If they were separate from doc management, you’re not as likely to enter that time. If you’re working from notes, and not putting it in until a week later, you do undercut it.”

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