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LEAP is the #1 Legal Practice Management Software for New Jersey

LEAP case management and accounting software is a completely integrated solution for New Jersey law firms, automating document production, time recording, billing and more.

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New Jersey attorneys can access law firm document management on every device

LEAP’s comprehensive legal software combines matter management, automated legal forms, email management, time recording, legal trust accounting, legal billing, legal reporting, and more into one single cloud-based software platform. No matter what device you use, you can access all your case information on LEAP.

Easily meet New Jersey’s e-filing requirements

LEAP’s automated forms and document creation support New Jersey’s e-filing system. Rather than struggling with New Jersey’s eCourts program, LEAP can quickly and easily auto-populate party information, automatically convert to PDF, and save your expenses and costs back into the matter to make your e-filing system a breeze. LEAP customers in New Jersey have access to thousands of automated New Jersey legal forms including Case Information Statement, Seller’s Residency Certification – Exemption, Confidential Litigant Information Sheet, and Sole Parenting Worksheet.

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