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  • Power of Attorney New York Statutory Short Form

  • Closing Statement (LL-NY-REE-0003)

  • Real Property Transfer Report (RP 5217)

  • TP 584 Combined Real Estate Transfer Tax Return

  • Statement of Net Worth (LFW-NY-FAM-0203)

  • 130 Certification

  • Certificate of Dissolution of Marriage

  • Petition for Probate

  • Waiver of Process – Consent to Probate

  • Request for Judicial Intervention

"You can automate certain letters and forms. This increases my efficiency and enables me to spend that time doing something else."
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Easily Automate Blumberg Legal Forms

  • New York Statutory Power of Attorney, durable unless modified

  • New York gift rider (SGR), power of attorney

  • New York Statutory Power of Attorney, durable unless modified with attorney affidavit

  • Health care proxy

  • Execution against property, to sheriff, notice to garnishee

  • Confession of Judgment

  • Restraining notice to judgment debtor, enforcement of money judgment

  • Information subpoena to judgment debtor or witness

  • Enforcement of Judgments, Questions to financial institution

  • Note of Issue and Certificate of Readiness


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