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An Extensive Library of New York Legal Forms for Your Areas of Law

Save time searching court websites or government departments by accessing up-to-date New York legal forms with LEAP. Our extensive library of New York legal forms includes the Contract of Sale, Statement of Net Worth, and Power of Attorney New York Statutory Short Form(LL-NY-WST-0012).

New: Blumberg Forms

General Release by Individual

New York Statutory Power of Attorney, durable unless modified

New York gift rider (SGR), power of attorney

New York Statutory Power of Attorney, durable unless modified with attorney affidavit

Health care proxy

Execution against property, to sheriff, notice to garnishee

Bill of Costs

Whole or Partial Satisfaction of Judgment

Confession of Judgment

Restraining notice to judgment debtor, enforcement of money judgment

Restraining notice to garnishee, enforcement of money judgment

Information subpoena to judgment debtor or witness

Exemption notice and claim form

Enforcement of Judgments, Questions to financial institution

Income execution

Note of Issue and Certificate of Readiness

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