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Professional and elegant invoices generated in minutes, directly from your case.

  • Generate bills quickly and minimize billing errors.
  • Seamless integration with QuickBooks Online to track billable units, manage trust and clients’ accounts, and capture disbursements.
  • Efficient billing allows you to get paid faster and make more money.
  • Save money otherwise spent on a bookkeeper.

Make more money

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Error-free billing

Generate error-free bills in real-time. Select from hourly rate or flat fee options, whichever best suits your firm’s work. Seamless integration with QuickBooks Online allows attorneys to track billable units, manage trust and client accounts, and capture all disbursements efficiently.

Bill faster

View all your recoveries and disbursements in one place, allowing you to have a clear idea of the financial state of your firm. LEAP legal billing software reduces the number of billing mistakes, and makes it easier to bill faster. LEAP’s legal timekeeping and billing software features combine to save you time and money when tracking billable hours and creating invoices.

Pre-Billing Guide

The LEAP Pre-Billing Guide allows law firms to print off a report and review it before generating bills and finalizing an invoice.

Save money on bookkeepers

Rather than spending a fortune on bookkeepers to complete complex trust accounting, LEAP legal billing software allows you to save money, bill faster and get paid on time.


“There are plenty of times that I work from home or I work remotely and in the past if I forgot to write down my time on a piece of paper and then forgot to input it when I got back to the office, I lost a lot of billable time. Now I have not only LEAP on my desktop, but I have LEAP on my phone, I have LEAP on my iPad so no matter where I am, I can bill.”

Staci Greenwald


Simplify your law firm billing with LEAP legal billing software


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