Reach your full potential with advanced pre-configuration.

How many hours do you spend searching multiple court websites for your legal forms? If you’re constantly hunting for forms on various sites, it’s time to adjust your approach to practicing.

We know how time-consuming it is to sift through the court authority webpages for every form you need. That’s why our dedicated Content Team has created a comprehensive library of legal forms across all common fields of law.

We do the work for you

Forget the long-drawn-out process of searching for that single form. You’ll have every legal form you need right at your fingertips.

LEAP has allocated resources to developing a skilled team with a legal background to provide the latest versions of legal forms. Having a dedicated Content Team in charge of updating an extensive collection of legal forms is like having a backend staff. Plus, there are no additional costs for increased headcount. The heavy-lifting of conducting research is done for you.

Retrieve it now

With a broad range of material including Matter Types, Card Tables, Data Entry Tables, and Fields and Calculations, you’ll have everything you need for your matters.

Our approach to designing a new matter is all-encompassing. Our Content Team compiles a list spanning all areas of common law, names Matter Types, and selects specific tables to fit each Matter Type. All Matter Types in LEAP are pre-configured based on the area of law that you select. They’re curated to fit your needs.


Each matter has a set of tables that is created for that Matter Type.

Card Tables

A Card Table allows you to enter information about a party of a matter that you are working on. Enter in the required information, and the rest is organized for you.

Data Entry Tables (“Layouts”)

A Data Entry Table consists of a table, with a name and all the fields and calculations that relate to that table. Simply enter the information corresponding to your matter.

Fields and Calculations

Are those tedious calculations exhausting you? The Content Team goes to great lengths to ensure that all of calculations and repeat data entries are eliminated. So, when you create a Form, the data and calculations will be automated for you. You’ll be doing less work, as it will all be done for you.

Enter information only once

Enter your information only once to produce multiple documents and Forms. Since every Form is automated for you, there’s no double data entry. With on-the-spot automation, there is very little data you need to manually fill in. Automation allows for a seamless experience, saving you time, reducing typographical errors, and lessening your workload.

Legal rates

Quick access to legal rates across a variety of different areas of law (from courts and government departments) will save you from hours of searching. These legal rates tables, fields and calculations are created in the same way as any other table and are then maintained by the Content Team.

Always accessible and up-to-date

All Forms across common fields of law are readily available to you. You don’t have to check if the Forms are in their latest version, as we have a skilled team who conducts research and is notified by courts and authorities. In fact, this team is informed of changes that are due to take place to legal forms before these adjustments are solidified.

Take it to the next level

While every Form is automated, there are different extents to which it can be automated, depending on the Form and your needs.

A basic level of automation entails the client’s name, address, and other exact information appearing automatically. A more complex form of automation can happen within the document itself, and the whole paragraph can be automated. With one click, the entire document merges.

Thousands of mergeable fields allow for limitless opportunities. Any edits and changes made auto-populate, so you don’t have to bother making the changes yourself. We have you covered.

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