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LEAP clients have access to many support options, ensuring that you get the most from LEAP to make more money.

LEAP Support Takes Firm From Bleeding Money Into the Black

In addition to revolutionary practice management tools, LEAP users benefit from free support, training, self-help guides, dedicated Practice Management Advisors, and product articles to make more money. LEAP began working with Progressive Law, LLC two years ago. Now this law firm is much more profitable and efficient in the office, and at home. Founding Partner, Charles A. Reid III, Esq. credits his law firm’s growth to LEAP Support.

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LEAP Community has unlimited resources to help your law firm - stay up-to-date and do more

What is LEAP Community?

LEAP Community is a dedicated resource center for training materials, webinars, client forums, product announcements, HelpDesk access, and more.

  • Browse upcoming free training webinars
  • Create, track and manage your support cases
  • On-demand access to how-to articles and videos
  • View product updates and releases


Accessing Online Chat

Online chat operates Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 8:00 pm EST. Users are also able to reserve concierge legal practice help desk calls to fit a busy lawyer’s and support staff’s schedule. LEAP’s experienced practice management and IT experts specialize in helping clients make the most out of LEAP. Start a chat session or reserve a call to find the solutions you need immediately.

Dedicated HelpDesk Team

Our experienced HelpDesk team is ready and available to provide you with prompt client assistance. The US-based team is ready to answer questions and solve any technical issues you may experience quickly. Our HelpDesk has an average response time of only 15 seconds, and is available to all LEAP users at no extra charge.

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Legal Practice Help Desk - Experienced Legal Practice Management Experts
LEAP's Practice Management Advisors team is available for your law firm - support you can trust

quotations The best part of working at LEAP is being able to use my background as an attorney to help law firms utilize technology to work more efficiently. As Practice Management Advisors, we have hands-on experience developing best practices for law firms, and we get to see the real life impact that our software has on business growth and creating an overall more efficient law firm. quotations

Jacquie West

Director of Practice Management Advisors | LEAP US

LEAP Practice Management Advisors

After the initial training, LEAP firms are assigned a dedicated Practice Management Advisor to ensure that the LEAP experience continues to be smooth and profitable. Practice Management Advisors regularly meet with firms to discuss their usage and how they can optimize their practice using LEAP software, along with offering free monthly online training sessions.

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LEAP University

LEAP University is completely free on-demand training for all LEAP users. A series of step-by-step courses are available to either brush up on the basics of LEAP or get started for the first time.

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LEAP University - on-demand, free training on LEAP Legal Software

The Value of Quality Client Support

There are many variables that can set a business apart from the rest but quality client support is a major predictor for long-term success that is often overlooked for new business growth. Download our whitepaper to learn best practices, from LEAP Support, for quality client support and how LEAP can assist you in these areas for long term growth and profitability.


“LEAP’s customer service is top-notch. The times that I do have a question I've been able to have that question answered either personally with somebody coming into my office or over the phone or using the online resources — whether it's a chat or just sending a question that they answer back to me by email.”

Michael S. Bonner

Michael S. Bonner

Aceto, Bonner & Cole P.C.

"You can pick up the phone and reach somebody, a live human being, not a tape recording, not a series of recordings.”

Brian D. Perskin

Brian D. Perskin

Brian D. Perskin & Associates P.C.

Additional Training

Whether you have a new staff member or need assistance with your end of month processes, we offer training to suit your firm. Schedule training sessions with a LEAP Consultant or use LEAP University to attend free on-demand courses.

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Automated Forms Updates

LEAP regularly updates the software with new functionality and new forms to assist your firm. Also, browse the LEAP Community list of automated forms for your state and area of law. Additionally, you can request new forms or provide feedback on existing forms.

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Add Additional LEAP Users

Already a LEAP user? You can simply add additional users if you have new staff or didn’t account for existing members. The LEAP Community provides support on how to add additional users, or for other knowledge-based questions.

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