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Top 4 Reasons Law Firms Switch From PCLaw | Time Matters to LEAP

August 29, 2022

Switch From PCLaw | Time Matters to LEAP

Cloud software is necessary for law firms to continue operating as efficient, organized, and profitable businesses. On-premises software does not enable the flexibility and accessibility required to meet the needs of firm staff members and clients in the era of advanced technology and instant gratification. As pressures continue to mount, PCLaw | Time Matters users are now searching for a cloud solution that can empower all business functions and securely store their data.

LEAP Legal Software is the #1 cloud solution for PCLaw | Time Matters users looking to move their operations to the cloud with features to support practice management, document assembly and management, legal accounting, and legal publishing.

In this blog, we will cover why LEAP is the legal practice management solution of choice and the top four reasons why PCLaw | Time Matters firms trust LEAP to run their firms on the cloud.

Why Switch From PCLaw | Time Matters to LEAP?

Even though LEAP is the recommended cloud solution, PCLaw | Time Matters users ultimately switch to LEAP legal practice management solution because it eliminates the complicated and costly IT structure of clunky, on-premises solutions by moving to the cloud. As a cloud-based legal software solution, LEAP provides numerous benefits for law firms looking to switch from PCLaw or Time Matters. These benefits include:

1. Simplified IT infrastructure

LEAP is a cloud solution that eliminates the need for on-premises hardware and internal or external IT staff for system maintenance, data backups, and software updates. LEAP also enables law firms to store all data in a single solution, reducing the number of systems needed to manage individual business functions across matters.

2. Seamless data migration

LEAP Strato is the only solution developed specifically to migrate data from PCLaw and Time Matters to LEAP, including historical accounting transactions and email correspondence. LEAP is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), which provides the best cloud security for data. The process is painless and does not require law firms to go through endless hours of downtime or training, and in most cases is completed in as little as two days.

3. Streamline operations in a single solution

LEAP legal practice management solution is a completely integrated and secure system that combines state-of-the-art practice management, legal accounting, document assembly and management, and legal publishing for all common areas of law. LEAP is an all-in-one, cloud-based legal software solution that includes every feature a law firm needs to improve productivity and make more money.

4. Improve profitability

Law firms can reduce technology spending and focus more on business development and billable tasks when they run an automated firm in the cloud with LEAP. Additionally, firms can reduce their technology spending to improve their bottom lines without the cost of an internal or external IT staff, equipment storage and maintenance, and ongoing updates. On average, firms that switch to LEAP see a 30% increase in profits.

Want to learn more about why PCLaw | Time Matters users switch to LEAP? Download our brochure to see why law professionals across all common areas of law have already made the switch.

The Top 4 Reasons PCLaw | Time Matters Law Firms Switch to LEAP

How do you Transition from PCLaw and Time Matters to LEAP?

LEAP makes it simple to move from PCLaw | Time Matters by offering the only solution specifically designed to transition data to the cloud. LEAP Strato migrates all law firm data, including historical accounting data and email correspondence, in as little as two days to enable users to start reaping the benefits of cloud software. Additionally, users have minimal downtime with a simple, 5-step plan to transition PCLaw | Time Matters firms to the cloud. The five steps include:

1. An initial consultation

The initial consultation will cover the transition process for your staff and the full scope of the data that needs to be moved. Additionally, LEAP will provide your team with documents that cover an overview of the process and provide details on how to ensure data quality.

2. A data quality check

At this stage, you will begin moving your data to LEAP Strato. Before this step, your consultant will ask that you provide a Data Quality Report that covers any potential issues that need to be resolved before the transition. You can then work with the consultant to identify possible solutions, transition timeframes, and the options available for your firm.

3. Provide access to data for collection

Based on the server your data is hosted on, you will need to provide LEAP access to your data. LEAP will request remote access to the database and case management system if it is hosted on an in-house server. Alternatively, if your data is on a hosted server, you will need to work with your consultant to provide access to your data and case management system.

4. Perform the transition

Once you select a transition date, LEAP will:

  • Extract agreed-upon data and collect relevant reports

  • Import agreed-upon data into the transition environment

  • Provide a Data Transition report

  • Import the data into LEAP and verify all the transition data based on the Data Transition Report

5. Complete LEAP installation and training

Now that all your data is transitioned to LEAP, you will go through the LEAP installation and training process. Then your firm can fully embrace automation powered by a cloud legal practice management solution.

Want more information on the transition process? Learn more about how easy it is to get started in the cloud with LEAP as you transition from PCLaw and Time Matters.


PCLaw | Time Matters users need to transition to the cloud to ensure that their law firm is automated enough to support maximum productivity and profitability to offer high-quality legal services and keep up with their competition. If law firms hesitate to transition from their on-premises software, they will be stuck with inefficient, legacy processes that lead to frustrated staff members and clients that will ultimately impact the firm’s viability. LEAP is the #1 cloud-based legal practice management solution for PCLaw | Time Matters users to smoothly transition data and begin embracing cloud software across all business functions.

Schedule a demo today to see why legal professionals trust LEAP to improve productivity and profitability for their law firms.

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See why legal professionals trust LEAP to improve productivity and profitability for their law firms.