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Hit Your Law Firm's Revenue Goals With LEAP Legal Software

January 12, 2023

The Secret to Hitting Your Law Firm's Revenue Goals in 2023

A new year allows law firms to start fresh and review their goals for the coming calendar and financial year. As with any successful business, owners and managing partners will look for ways to sustain the same success levels and identify new ways to increase their growth. Cloud-based legal software solutions can provide legal professionals with the automation, accessibility, and support needed to enhance firm productivity to meet growth goals.

As the #1 legal cloud software, the LEAP legal practice management solution provides attorneys with everything they need to centralize law firm operations and drive profitability in 2023 and beyond.

How LEAP Legal Software Helps Law Firms Improve Profitability

We sat down with Emad Lawandi, Esq. and David Rosciszewski, Esq. of Damian Lawandi LLP to discuss how the LEAP accounting, billing, time tracking, email, and mobile app features increased their profits by 30% and doubled their caseload. Here’s what they had to say:

Tell us how you first heard about LEAP.

Emad Lawndi (EL): I was actually working in a different firm where we were using a different client management system, and we migrated from that system to LEAP.

How was the transition process to LEAP?

EL: The migration system actually came to the office several times to help us with the Excel sheets and migrate our client data from the old platform. They met with us on almost a weekly basis.

Since transitioning, how has LEAP helped you in your everyday practice?

David Rosciszweski (DR): It has helped me with my time tremendously. It’s very user-friendly and assists on a daily basis. LEAP is indispensable—it’s something that we couldn’t function without.

EL: LEAP has many great features. The time tracking feature is a timesaver for us because we don’t have to track our billable hours manually.

Are there other LEAP features that have helped your firm improve productivity?

EL: Form automation is how we’re able to handle a large volume of cases.

DR: You can simply search for a particular document, and you’re able to call it right up on the screen rather than reinventing the wheel and starting from scratch.

EL: Additionally, LEAP offers a conflict of interest check to see if we’ve represented the client before on the other side.

Do you use any of the LEAP Integrations?

EL: We use the Outlook integration for our calendars. The QuickBooks Online integration also makes things easier.

How has the LEAP Mobile App supported your practice?

EL: The LEAP Mobile App has definitely helped with time tracking our billable hours.

DR: It is so user-friendly, and it allows me to access files and keep things organized at all times. For instance, if an email comes in after hours or I’m home and curious about what it is, I can use my phone to read the emails.

Do you use any of the ongoing support and training options?

EL: We watch videos to keep our staff and ourselves abreast of any new development in the law or any new features LEAP has.

Since implementing LEAP, have you seen any changes in your annual revenue?

EL: LEAP increased our revenue by at least 30%. We’re also able to handle twice as many clients as we could before implementation. I highly recommend LEAP to small and mid-sized firms. It’s a great system to have!

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Are you interested in learning how LEAP can help support your firm’s growth goals in 2023?