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Template Document Packs: How Document Automation Boosts Productivity for Law Firms

September 5, 2023


Every practice is different, but if one thing is true across every firm in every area of law, it’s that attorneys produce an extraordinary number of documents. Arnold & Porter estimates that, over a single year, the average attorney uses so much paper that the sheets would wrap around the Supreme Court Building 66 times if they were laid end-to-end. It is not for nothing that Franz Kafka once defined a lawyer as “a person who writes a 10,000-word document and calls it a ‘brief.’” The legal profession as we know it was built on the written word.

The Goals of Legal Document Automation

Because the legal field is so document-heavy, attorneys tend to be talented and passionate writers who approach the profession with enthusiasm for crafting thoughtful, well-written contracts, demand letters, and, yes, “briefs” to achieve the best outcomes for their clients. What legal professionals may feel slightly less enthusiastic about is the prospect of typing out the same basic information— client contact information, basic incident details, etc.— repeatedly throughout the life of each case. This aspect of document preparation, while vital, can be tedious, time-consuming, and inefficient — this is likely not how many attorneys envisioned spending their days when they first started their legal careers. This is why those of us here at LEAP who previously practiced as attorneys have become some of the biggest advocates for legal document automation.

With the automated documents available through LEAP, which were developed through the combined efforts of legal and IT professionals, an attorney enters basic case information only once; this information then automatically populates across various relevant forms and templates. Eliminating double data entry not only saves legal staff time that they can then devote to the aspects of their practice that they find more engaging, but also eliminates the possibility of error that comes with this kind of repetitive work. Automation ensures consistency and accuracy across the board.

Custom Legal Document Automation Solutions

LEAP continues to build and maintain an extensive and evolving library of over 12,000 pre-automated forms and templates that cover the most common documentation required for each area of law in each state. A key part of the philosophy of LEAP is providing dedicated and personalized support for each of our clients, which includes no-cost ongoing tech support and the ability to connect directly with our Legal Experts Team to ensure that the forms and templates meet your firm’s unique needs. As we continue to grow and innovate, LEAP is always looking for ways to provide a more efficient, more customized experience for each of our clients. Enter the Template Document Pack — a new service already available to all LEAP clients, making automation even more accessible in their day-to-day practice.

With the Template Document Pack, LEAP clients can submit letter templates that their firm uses regularly. Our Legal Experts will return customized, automated versions of the documents for the firms’s exclusive use. This allows clients to enjoy the benefits of automation — like increased accuracy and efficiency — without sacrificing any firm-specific details. As the original true believers in document automation, the LEAP Legal Experts are excited to begin demonstrating more of what automation can do for our clients. By delivering best-in-class document automation services for our users, LEAP offers legal professionals the freedom to spend more of their time focusing on the aspects of their practice that are most important to them, while also empowering firms to become more efficient and make more money.

Streamline the document preparation process with LEAP.

Streamline the document preparation process with LEAP.