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Revolutionize Estate Planning and Probate with WealthCounsel's Integration in LEAP

October 25, 2023

LEAP and WealthCounsel Estate Planning Law Firm Solution

In today’s rapidly evolving legal landscape, technology plays a critical role in enhancing efficiency and productivity for law firms. As the global provider of cloud-based legal practice management software, LEAP Legal Software is committed to empowering legal professionals by providing them with innovative legal technology solutions that enhance their firms’ efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

That’s why LEAP has partnered with WealthCounsel to offer an integration that is revolutionizing the practice of estate planning and probate. This integration provides LEAP users with access to WealthCounsel’s robust library of estate planning templates and drafting tools and incorporates them into the LEAP legal practice management solution. The combination of WealthCounsel’s premium software with LEAP practice and matter management features is a game-changer for estate planning and probate practices.

In this blog, we will consider how LEAP users benefit from WealthCounsel’s new, best-in-class LEAP integration.

About WealthCounsel’s Estate Planning Software

WealthCounsel is the leading provider of estate planning software for attorneys. For over 25 years, WealthCounsel has provided its users with world-class resources, including intelligent drafting solutions that aid law firms in the production of estate planning documents.

The WealthCounsel Wealth Docx drafting platform is created and updated by attorneys for attorneys and includes a broad range of estate planning documents, from basic to complex wills and trusts, in addition to a suite of solutions for charitable planning, asset protection, and retirement planning.

With an intuitive interface that guides users through a series of interview questions, the WealthCounsel drafting system is designed for both new and experienced attorneys. This drafting technology includes everything an attorney needs to draft confidently, competently, and efficiently, even allowing attorneys to learn as they draft. Contextual help and resources are embedded in LEAP throughout the entire drafting experience, assisting attorneys with navigating intricate legal provisions, ensuring accuracy, and reducing the risk of errors and inconsistencies.

Software for Streamlining the Estate Planning and Probate Process

The integration of WealthCounsel’s drafting system into the LEAP legal practice management solution offers many advantages for firms who are already practicing estate planning and probate as well as those who would like to add estate planning and probate to their firms’ practice areas in the future.

This new integration provides LEAP clients with access to an extensive array of automated estate planning and probate documents, empowering them to efficiently create accurate, up-to-date, and well-informed documents for their clients, every time. The combination of these features with LEAP’s streamlined workflow tools empowers attorneys to handle an increased number of estate planning and probate matters in the same amount of time, without sacrificing quality.

Additionally, the integration ensures a seamless user experience and eliminates the need to toggle between multiple platforms. Users access the WealthCounsel drafting platform from directly within a LEAP matter, and matter information is automatically populated within the WealthCounsel drafting platform. By avoiding duplicative data entry, LEAP clients benefit from enhanced organization and automated retrieval of client and party information when drafting estate planning and probate documents.

Finally, when LEAP clients complete drafting within the WealthCounsel integration, they are able to save the documents directly to the corresponding LEAP matter. When that document is later opened from LEAP in Microsoft Word, the user has the additional benefits of the LEAP Microsoft Word document automation engine at their disposal. This streamlined and fully integrated workflow optimizes productivity and minimizes disruption. LEAP, with the WealthCounsel integration, supports both the automation of matter information from LEAP into WealthCounsel documents as well as the ability to save WealthCounsel-generated documents back to LEAP.

With the new WealthCounsel integration, LEAP clients can produce complex estate planning and probate forms with the confidence that they have accurate, up-to-date, and well-informed documents to provide to their clients. Attorneys will be enabled to more confidently generate estate planning and probate documents while minimizing manual efforts.

LEAP and WealthCounsel: Better Together

In the modern era, law firms must embrace technology to stay ahead of the curve and scale up.

LEAP and WealthCounsel are committed to combining the power of their technology to assist estate planning and probate attorneys. The integration between the two platforms combines a robust legal practice management solution with the best estate planning software available, empowering new and experienced lawyers to efficiently navigate the complexities of estate planning and probate and deliver exceptional service to their clients.

LEAP and WealthCounsel have achieved a significant milestone in the evolution of the modern estate planning and probate practitioner, empowering legal professionals to navigate the complexities of estate planning and probate law with ease, accuracy, and scalability.

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