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Reshaping the Law Office, from Legal Practice Management to Practice Productivity

November 19, 2021

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The advances in legal technology are reshaping the way legal professionals think about operations within their law firms. Taking “practice management” to another level of “practice productivity” can improve a law firm's business with greater efficiency, profitability, and durability.

LEAP specializes in cloud-based legal practice productivity and continuously innovates the way legal professionals run their law firms. A shift in focus toward “practice productivity” ensures that law firms, like yours, can provide top-quality legal services and grow within their communities.

How do systems like LEAP make it possible to prioritize productivity over management? Here are four ways that LEAP allows law firms to be more productive in the workspace:

Take Advantage of Law Firm Automation

To be more efficient, legal professionals need to fully utilize the tools that are being given to them. Productivity solutions like LEAP prioritize automation for law firms so that attorneys have more time to focus on practicing law, and staff have more time to focus on the business without worrying about the tedious day-to-day tasks.

From online client intake to pre-configured matter types and legal forms, legal professionals using LEAP are taking advantage of these technological tools that do most of the work for them. For example, when a client completes online intake, through a web portal and without assistance from law firm staff, that intake automatically creates a matter specific to areas of law and jurisdiction so attorneys can easily open and work on the matter if approved.

One of the best features of LEAP is its highly robust document automation capabilities. LEAP has a library of legal forms and templates for pre-built matter types that are readily available for attorneys to use. A few of the most used legal forms from the library include the Child Support Guidelines Worksheet, Confidential Litigation Information Sheet, Financial Statements, Statement of Net Worth, Petition for Probate, and more. To complete these documents, the attorney only needs to click a button so that all the information from that pre-configured matter type pre-fills the document eliminating any room for error.

LEAP takes document assembly to the next level with the latest software version, LEAP 2.3, providing legal professionals with a Clause Library where attorneys can simply add their most commonly used clauses to a document in an instant.

Clause Library

Organize Your Law Firm with Centralized Information

Law firms can’t be productive without staying organized. Too much time is spent in the law office chasing staff for information, finding sticky notes from a week ago, or toggling between multiple computer systems trying to consolidate data and information. LEAP eliminates any of the hassles that are associated with these archaic processes.

All matter information, correspondence, files, invoices, and more are centralized for law firms that use the LEAP legal practice productivity solution. LEAP leverages secure, modern, and centralized database technology to ensure that law firms have “one version of the truth” and easy access to all matter information in a single view.

LEAP is a premium, cloud-based legal practice productivity solution powered by Amazon Web Services, with 99.99% uptime. This technology also eliminates headaches, that take time away from being productive, like dealing with data corruption, working with multiple systems, wasting time while servers are down, managing IT support staff, and more.

Stay on Task and Never Miss Legal Deadlines

Attorneys and litigators can greatly benefit from technology when juggling different matters and deadlines for multiple cases. LEAP 2.3 leverages its technology partner, LawToolBox, to bring legal professionals a new way to meet critical court dates and legal deadlines.

Stay on Task and Never Miss Deadlines

LawToolBox maps critical dates, pre-set from the court, for cases and calculates them according to specific legal matters within LEAP through seamless integration. This functionality makes it possible for attorneys and litigators to never miss deadlines on complex legal cases. This feature also protects law firms against legal malpractice risks.

With only a few clicks: calculating, creating, and tracking these critical court dates becomes much easier and provides peace of mind when working on family law, personal injury, and litigation cases. With these practices in place, attorneys don’t have to do as much to monitor cases allowing them to be more productive in other areas of the business.

Work From Anywhere, At Any Time

The traditional work model of only getting things done while in the office is no longer sustainable. Today’s consumers have banking, healthcare, and legal services at their fingertips resulting in greater on-demand expectations from the services that they are paying for.

This means law firms will be getting more inquiries, emails, files, (and more) at different times during the day. Legal professionals need to be prepared to meet these expectations by being able to collaborate, respond, and be productive while away from their desks. The LEAP Mobile App allows attorneys to do just that. LEAP keeps legal professionals productive while on the go allowing them to search cases, find contact details, access legal forms and files, scan documents, instantly record time, and keep their entire law office in their pocket.

Work From Anywhere, At Any Time

With LEAP 2.3, users will benefit from an enhanced user interface that makes the LEAP Mobile App even more intuitive with dashboard overviews readily available for easy access to all needed matter information.

LEAP sets the standard for legal professionals upgrading to “practice productivity” from traditional “practice management”. In the end, more productive law firms are more profitable. To learn more about LEAP and how to make your law firm more productive, visit and schedule some time to meet with a practice productivity specialist.

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