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Letter Packs: A Holistic Solution for Legal Document Management and Publishing

September 14, 2023


From Perry Mason to Matlock to Law & Order, the courtroom drama has long been a beloved staple of American popular culture. The imagined spectacle of the trial has been a subject of fascination for the general population for the last several decades at least. But even though we all love an on-screen trial, the reality is that the vast majority of real-life cases never go to trial at all, and the number of those that do has been on the decline for the last twenty-five years. In fact, analysts estimate that up to 95% of civil cases ultimately settle out of court.

While there are, of course, thousands of trial attorneys doing incredible work representing clients in trials every day, the services an attorney can provide go well beyond just the courtroom. That’s why law firms need support for all areas of their practice to reach maximum profitability.

Everything You Need to Run a Law Firm

At LEAP, we know that attorneys play a wide variety of different roles at their respective firms. That’s why the LEAP legal practice management solution is designed to support law firm staff in a myriad of different ways. By providing built-in features that support business growth, productivity, and efficiency, LEAP helps attorneys and legal professionals operate effectively in every aspect of their practice.

LEAP helps attorneys grow their businesses by assisting with billing, time-tracking, and report generation. It also helps attorneys be safe, efficient, and compliant with all relevant rules when exchanging sensitive information with clients or holding client funds in trust. Attorneys in litigation can rely on LEAP’s cloud-based system to keep all relevant case information in one central location which can be easily accessed by legal staff from anywhere on any device. Litigators also have access to LEAP’s library of fully automated local, state, and federal court forms, which span across the most common areas of law and will auto-populate with basic case information once that information has been entered into the software.

From business to litigation to practice management, LEAP gives you everything you need to run a law firm.

Letter Packs: Document Automation Beyond the Courtroom

Given that most cases are resolved via out-of-court settlements, LEAP’s document library supports attorneys with more than just court forms. The LEAP library contains a selection of templates for common letters, emails, and other communications sent out by law firms, and this selection is only continuing to grow.

As part of its commitment to continued innovation in document automation and management, LEAP has created a new product: LEAP Letter Packs, which are suites of commonly used automated letters associated with particular states and areas of law.

These states and areas of law include:

  • Massachusetts family and probate law

  • California litigation, family, personal injury, and probate law

  • Pennsylvania litigation, real estate, family, and personal injury law

  • Illinois litigation, real estate, family,  and probate law

  • New York personal injury and probate law

  • Florida litigation, family, personal injury, and probate law

LEAP Letter Packs may include demand letters, settlement letters, letters of intent, and other common communications between attorneys and individuals connected to their case. LEAP is constantly coming out with new letter packs for new states and areas of law. 

By providing such a wide range of products, LEAP serves as a one-stop shop for all a firm’s practice management needs, allowing attorneys to streamline their processes, wherever and however they work. That’s why LEAP is used by legal professionals worldwide.

Want to see how LEAP can help your firm manage every aspect of your practice? Request a demo today.

Request a demo today.

Want to see how LEAP can help your firm manage every aspect of your practice?