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How LEAP Keeps You Up to Date With Automated Legal Forms and Documents

January 31, 2024

LEAP Essentials

LEAP legal practice management software goes above and beyond to keep you up to date in all of your matters. One way we do this is through the hard and diligent work of our team of legal experts, who are dedicated to making sure that LEAP users have all of the most up-to-date legal forms and documents at their disposal.

LEAP legal experts are a group of industry professionals, many of them attorneys, who ensure that the LEAP library of legal forms and documents remains current for all users. Whenever a legal expert identifies an outdated form, that legal form is automatically made available directly in LEAP. This means that you don’t have to spend time visiting court and government websites to get up-to-date forms—LEAP does this work for you.

Trusted and Up to Date: Three Ways That LEAP Automates Legal Document Creation and Management

The LEAP library of forms is one of the core parts of LEAP, a suite of features in the LEAP legal practice management solution that saves law firms time and money with the power of automation. Here’s how LEAP keeps you up to date with the latest automated legal forms and documents.

1. Constant Monitoring Across All Areas of Law

Legal professionals spend substantial amounts of time searching for and retrieving up-to-date legal forms and documents from court and government websites. Once they have these updated forms in hand, they may then have to spend even more time uploading these forms into their practice management systems. LEAP legal experts check for updated court forms and documents continually, on an ongoing basis, which eliminates the need to manually search for, retrieve, and upload these documents.

By combining their legal backgrounds with the latest technology, our legal experts work with content database designers and innovations specialists to continually improve matter types, tables, layouts, and forms for LEAP clients across multiple areas of law. Legal experts use their legal knowledge and trusted resources to research forms, legislation, and legal processes to ensure the consistency and quality of content released in LEAP matter types, dates, and automated forms.

2. Seamless Access to a Library of Automated Legal Forms

Once a new or updated court or legal form is uploaded into LEAP by the LEAP legal experts, it becomes a part of the LEAP library of automated forms, which contains commonly used legal forms and documents that are state- and jurisdiction-specific.

In addition, forms and documents that appear in the LEAP library are automated by LEAP: instead of entering case and client information over and over whenever you create a new document, simply enter that information once when you open a matter; when the information is in LEAP, it will auto-populate whenever you open a new form in that matter. LEAP legal experts work tirelessly to ensure that all forms and documents are current and ready for use by LEAP clients.

3. Upload Your Law Firm’s Documents Directly to LEAP

LEAP legal experts are primarily responsible for maintaining our library of standard legal forms and documents, but it’s important to note that you can also upload your firm’s documents directly to LEAP to take advantage of our leading-edge document automation services. Once those documents are in LEAP, you can automate document creation just like you would with any other LEAP template or document. Simply open a new document, and see it auto-populate crucial information associated with the matter.

Do More With LEAP

Whether you’re creating a new matter, sending a letter, or completing a court form or document, LEAP makes crucial but tedious legal work fast, easy, and efficient. LEAP legal experts work around the clock to make sure that LEAP users have access to all of the latest legal and court/government forms, while the rest of the LEAP team is dedicated to innovating our product and ensuring your success. There’s a reason why LEAP is trusted by over 60,000 worldwide.

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