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Make the Most Out of Legal Practice Management Software

January 18, 2024

LEAP Essentials: Everything You Need to Run a Law Firm

In the course of a single week, legal professionals spend countless hours completing and managing legal forms and documents, often entering the same case and client information over and over as they fill out different forms and create new matters in their practice management systems. While these processes are critical for the success of every firm and its clients, it can be tedious to enter the same information repeatedly. Moreover, because this work is so repetitive, it is also prone to human errors that cost time and money to correct.

LEAP automates your document and case management processes while reducing manual work, allowing law firms to make the most out of their legal practice management software. Instead of spending large amounts of valuable time searching for and completing various legal forms and documents, you can use LEAP to access a library of up-to-date legal forms and documents to keep your firm current and productive. LEAP also includes automated features that make it easier to create matters.

5 Ways to Make the Most of LEAP

1. Draft all your documents and letters inside LEAP

Drafting documents and letters are important parts of practicing law—that’s why LEAP simplifies legal drafting by giving you the power to create forms and correspondence when and where you want. LEAP makes it possible for you to modify a form in the LEAP library of forms or add your own documents to LEAP legal practice management software, enhancing productivity with customization. LEAP eliminates duplicate data entry by ensuring that the information you initially enter into a matter will be automatically included in letters and documents; this saves you from having to type common information such as addressee details or subject lines hundreds of times. You have complete flexibility in the design of your documents and letters where they can be branded with your firm’s letterhead, logo, preferred style, and font.

2. Access a library of up-to-date court and government forms

LEAP provides you with up-to-date forms and documents for all common areas of law that are specific to the state and jurisdiction in which you practice. By generating forms from this library, you’ll save time searching for and retrieving up-to-date forms. With LEAP, you can also rest assured that you have the most up-to-date forms available; LEAP has a dedicated team of legal professionals and industry experts who are dedicated to making sure that all current legal forms and documents are available in LEAP. These forms are also generated in Microsoft Word for ease of use and familiarity for all staff.

3. Add your own documents to the LEAP library of forms

Within LEAP, you’ll have access to letters, deeds, and forms that are specific to your firm. This allows you to standardize document production in your firm so that everybody generates documents and saves them in the same way. Standardization is the best way to control quality. All LEAP clients receive a dedicated Practice Management Advisor or consultant who can help firms import their custom documents directly into LEAP.

4. Create matters from a customized template

A Recurring Matter Template (RMT) streamlines the matter creation process and saves you time and money. RMTs create more efficient operations with templates that are customized and set to the specifications of your firm. These templates are built on top of the pre-configured matter types included within LEAP. Once created, the templates can be used by all staff to dramatically reduce the time taken to start and carry out a new matter. A template might include repeated information, a pre-configured folder structure, relevant document templates, and other tasks that are critical to the management of that matter type.

5. Unlock automation by entering all matter details in LEAP

You only need to enter the correct matter details once to unlock the power of LEAP automation. This means that, once those details are entered into LEAP, they’re automatically reused in all documents, letters, and forms that are generated in relation to that particular matter. LEAP automatically pre-populates the data correctly for you, not just once, but as many times as required. If you need to update or change matter details later on in the process, you can easily do so; these changes will be automatically reflected across all documents associated with that particular matter.

Do More and Go Further With LEAP

For over thirty years, LEAP has been changing the way that law firms do business. LEAP is an all-in-one legal practice management software solution that combines case management, legal accounting, billing, document automation, and document management into a single cloud-based platform for all common areas of law.

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