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Law Firms Need an Easier Way to Produce Client Information in Heavy Legal Forms Automatically

March 3, 2021

Law Firms Need an Easier Way to Produce Client Information in Heavy Legal Forms Automatically

If you asked yourself how onerous the task of filling out legal forms is, the answer would most likely be an emphatic “VERY!”. The process can be archaic-- getting client information from a phone call, going to the court’s website to download the latest form, having a staff member manually read post-it notes to fill in case information, with the form either missing necessary information in certain spots, or data being entered incorrectly throughout the document.

Unfortunately, if you ask the question “Do I need to have Microsoft Word to run my law firm?” The answer will also be an empathic “YES!”. It becomes obvious and increasingly apparent that “MS Word, after all, is the primary tool in the lawyer’s toolbox.”(1)

Microsoft Word is a robust tool with a list of available features to help law firms with filling in legal forms including if-then-else statements, content controls, and Find and Replace. However, Microsoft Word by itself doesn’t maximize efficiency in legal forms automation. There is a sync issue between client/case information and data input and integrity. What if there was a tool that connected case details with Word automatically and simplified this process?

There is. LEAP Legal Software, a cloud-based law practice management system, offers instant time recording, automated legal forms, case management, and more. LEAP has over 9,500 legal forms available (updated from the courts’ websites) to be filled in automatically with case and client information stored in LEAP.

Now, this automated legal forms process in LEAP has been enhanced with a dedicated Microsoft Word add-in for completing complex legal documents. Users can enable the LEAP for Word side panel to guide users through filling out form information, updating throughout the document, with the ability to customize options based on the case details. Some of the forms currently available as LEAP for Word are:

This technology is the future of legal form creation. View the full list of available forms in LEAP and check back for newly added forms.

Eliminate the Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V from your legal practice. Gain access to a library of court forms that can be automated with case and client details directly in Word. Learn more about LEAP's automated legal forms and start simplifying your practice today.


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