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Everything Attorneys Need to Know About LawConnect’s Integration with LEAP

March 15, 2023

lawyer using LawConnect’s Integration with LEAP

One of the most common daily tasks attorneys do is view, edit, and share documents with their staff members, clients, and third parties. Despite how frequently this is done, law firms still face many challenges when it comes to secure and simple legal document collaboration. For example, email does not provide the levels of encryption needed for law firms to effectively mitigate security and compliance risks to protect confidential client data. On the other hand, third-party applications like Dropbox add extra costs and complicate tech stacks by adding additional software that law firm staff need to use. LEAP eliminates this stress by offering an exclusive integration with LawConnect, allowing attorneys to securely share and collaborate on documents in just a few clicks.

Let’s take a closer look.

Does LawConnect Integrate with LEAP Legal Software?

Yes, LawConnect integrates with LEAP to extend the functionality of the legal practice management solution to create a single version of truth for attorneys and their staff. LawConnect is a secure online document-sharing and collaboration tool for lawyers and their clients. It is a secure and efficient way to share and privately collaborate on documents related to legal matters from anywhere, at any time. LawConnect exclusively integrates with LEAP, allowing lawyers to connect with their clients to collaborate online securely. As the leading document-sharing platform for lawyers, law firms can be rest assured of their security and reliability, with over 9,700 law firms using LawConnect to share over 2.5 million documents safely and securely online.

Let’s take a closer look at the features included within LawConnect.

Secure File Sharing for Law Firms

LawConnect for LEAP establishes one place to securely share legal documents between lawyers and clients. Documents are safer shared via LawConnect than email, with all data securely stored and backed up on servers provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world’s most secure cloud computing platform available today. Additionally, law firm staff, clients, and third parties can collaborate privately on documents using the comment and reply features, whether on desktop or mobile, so that work can be done in real-time and eliminate delays. As collaborators leave comments and make changes, all parties can view the most up-to-date version of a document in real time with LawConnect’s version control functionality.

Build a Client Portal for Your Law Firm

The next key feature for LEAP users is the LawConnect Client Portal. The LawConnect Client Portal allows attorneys to establish a strong and streamlined collaborative process with their clients. Improve response time with the Timeline View that chronologically lists every item a client received from the law firm and the items requiring immediate action pinned to the top. Clients can even view their documents without creating an accounting with a one-time access link or through a Google, Apple, or Microsoft account. Once they’re done, clients can view their last access and permanently delete their accounts to ensure that their data remains secure and eliminate the ability to be hacked. From a marketing standpoint, law firms can display their logo and firm colors instead of the default LawConnect branding to build brand recognition.

Easily Request Electronic Signatures from Legal Clients

Last but not least is the ability to request e-signatures. Law firm staff members can request electronic signatures using DocuSign via LawConnect to eliminate the need for clients to come to the office for a simple signature. In addition, attorneys can leverage a range of retainer agreements, legal forms, and document templates available in LEAP to reduce the amount of manual work across the entire legal drafting and collaboration process to complete more billable work in the same amount of time.


As the emphasis on data security grows, law firms must establish a secure, simple, and efficient way to collaborate with clients. Basic document-sharing platforms don’t take into account the nuances of legal document collaboration and add additional tech costs for the law firm. When law firms choose the LEAP legal practice management solution, they gain access to the free LawConnect integration to securely and effectively share, edit, and sign legal documents—whether existing law firm templates or one of the thousands of automated legal documents available in LEAP. If you want to learn more about how LawConnect for LEAP can benefit your firm, schedule a demo today to see the LEAP legal practice management solution in action!

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If you want to learn more about how LawConnect for LEAP can benefit your firm, schedule a demo today to see the LEAP legal practice management solution in action!