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The Mobile Law Office

LEAP’s best-in-class cloud solution gives you access to everything related to your clients’ cases, including documents and forms, anywhere, anytime, on any device, and at no extra charge.


Communicate with clients, record time, and access cases from your mobile device or tablet.

  • Single sign on for all your devices including your desktop, browser, mobile phone, mobile connected watch, iPad, tablet, and even Alexa.

  • Access legal forms and files on-the-go.

  • Search cases and find contact details, critical dates, case financials, and tasks quickly.

  • Instant time tracking and recording.

  • Voice-to-text dictation.

  • Scan important documents and save directly to a case.

  • Case management app available on iOS and Android phones and tablets.

LEAP 2x now allows users to edit invoice fields directly.

“With the LEAP phone app, my law office is in my pocket at all times.”

Frank Materia, Esq.

Go paperless with mobile document scanning

Organize and declutter your practice by taking photos of forms, IDs, and evidence and saving them back to the corresponding matter as a PDF. Instead of carrying large folders full of documents to court, you can save all your files in the cloud with your tablet or cell phone.

Support staff and partners back at the office can access these files immediately, on any device. Securely email scanned PDFs while out of the office to provide quick access. When you collaborate on documents with staff and clients through the cloud, you will eliminate communication errors and become more efficient.

Record more billable time out of the office

With automatic time recording on your phone, you can now record and track time spent in court, commuting, or at home.

No more jotting times in your notebook when you’re out of the office. When you make a call in the LEAP Mobile App, a time entry is automatically saved back to the correct matter. Set timers for external meetings and appointments. Record the time you spend in court and it syncs instantly with the LEAP timesheet, saving you a trip back to the office for data entry. When you have automated time recording on-the-go, you’ll never miss another billable minute.

"The mobile app on my phone is indispensable for me as somebody that most nine to five, Monday through Friday, is spent in court. I need something mobile to be able to have that access to pull up our files because we try to be as paperless as possible."

Lane Bubka, BUBKA Law Group

Everything you need to run a law firm

Mobile Law Office

Automatically record time on client calls and access cases, clients, and documents with a single sign on for all your devices.

Document Management

Create, store, organize, track changes, and share legal documents via LEAP to become a true paperless law office.

Learn about Document Management

Automated Court Forms Library

Get access to the most extensive and up-to-date range of automated court and legal forms available in LEAP at no extra cost.

Learn about Automated Court Forms

Accounting & Billing

Integrates with QuickBooks to track billable units, manage trust and client accounts, and capture disbursements in compliance with IOLTA regulations.

Learn about Accounting & Billing

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