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LEAP Add-Ons - InfoTrack

InfoTrack provides compelling advantages for your day to day searching needs.

InfoTrack ensures complete accuracy with pre-populated data, eliminating the risk of human error and inaccurate filings. Compiling and submitting your 1099-S form with InfoTrack also gives you the ability to file your forms at the time of the event, in immediate paperless form, ensuring no misplaced or missing information. All in one monthly bill with no upfront or ongoing fees.

How does InfoTrack work with LEAP?

The easy-to-use searching system integrates fully with LEAP. Searches are ordered in LEAP 365, and are then automatically saved back into the matter. All disbursements are automatically captured by LEAP 365.

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For more information visit www.infotrack.com

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Save time: By ordering the search you need from within the LEAP software, you’ll never miss out on a search cost recovery again.

Improve accuracy and efficiency: Infotrack gives you the ability to log an automatic and accurate, paperless form.

One-click submission: Forms can be filed immediately with the IRS and a copy will be mailed to the seller on an official IRS form.

LEAP Add-On - InfoTrack

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