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Safely share documents to collaborate with clients and colleagues.

  • LawConnect allows you securely to share documents with clients and colleagues, who can view and comment on documents.
  • Compliant with ABA standards of security to safely store important legal documents, such as wills or insurance policies.
  • Give or restrict access to users you choose, and view when users review documents.
  • No setup or installation, all you need is an email and password.


Meet ABA standards of security

According to the American Bar Association, email encryption should secure all law firm correspondence. LawConnect, a secure online client portal available in LEAP, allows attorneys to secure all correspondence and meet ABA security standards without time-consuming encryption. LawConnect and LEAP seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Outlook, saving attorneys the hassle and time of setting up an encryption key or hiring IT support.


“In my divorce practice, some of my clients are still living together and using the same computer. The value of LawConnect is that they can create their own password, have their own account, and continue to share the computer with their partner, without giving away confidential information. LEAP’s legal client portal is designed to facilitate security and confidentiality.”

Cassandra Savoy


Securely share confidential documents

No set-up

LawConnect is an “out of the box” document management portal that requires no set-up. All you need is a dedicated email and password, and you will be ready to share documents for clients or colleagues to view and comment.

Secure client portal

LawConnect is a safe document management system, allowing attorneys quick access to important client documents, such as client ID information, insurance policies and wills. LawConnect offers attorneys and clients a secure and easily accessible place to store important documents, with client privacy secured by unique logins.


Send/receive large files

Never lose a document again in a busy inbox. LawConnect allows attorneys to send a link to important documents, or bundle large email attachments in a single email, saving you sending multiple emails.

Clearly organize documents for better client communication

Documents you upload to LawConnect are automatically added to the correct case in LEAP. Share documents, the electronic case file within LEAP, or an entire folder - a particularly useful feature for real estate attorneys or title closing agents. Be notified when clients view documents, so you know how a client is progressing through documents.

Restricting access

Unlike email and other client portals, you can revoke access to a LawConnect document anytime, with or without notifying the client. If the wrong document is shared with a client by mistake, you can immediately restrict access. Once a case is complete, access can be restricted and the case can be closed.

Risk-free access on-the-go

Attorneys and clients can access important documents wherever they are, on any device convenient to them, whether iOS or Android phones or tablets. All LawConnect data is secured by Amazon Web Services, and is safer than email.


Secure client portal to keep your law firm and clients safe


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