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Attract new clients with a professional website.

The best way to generate new leads is to create a professional legal website. LEAP has joined forces with Zaliet, the only website provider specifically focused on law firm marketing. Attorneys in New York and New Jersey have driven clients to their law firms and increased their profits with a Zaliet website.

Stand out from the crowd

Law firms need a powerful online presence where they can be seen. Research shows 76% of people that purchased legal services used the internet to find an attorney. A Google consumer survey found that 96% of people seek legal advice suing a search engine. Studies continually point to the fact that websites and law firm marketing are vital for practices to gain new clients.

Attract clients

Creating a legal website and engaging in law firm marketing is the first step for a firm’s success. Zaliet builds and designs law firms’ websites to meet their needs and host it for them, so they can hit the ground running. The Zaliet team is dedicated to helping law firms grow and has experience in developing thousands of personalized websites worldwide.


law firm marketing - responsive website for attorneys

Claim authority

One of the basics of law firm marketing is clients must have access to compelling descriptions of the services offered with a professional legal website. A well-written website provides credibility and builds trust. To help with the fundamentals of law firm marketing, Zaliet provides engaging copy for the websites they build. Zaliet has partnered with advanced website copywriters, who create customized copy for legal websites.

Gain a competitive edge

Search Engine Optimization is crucial for attracting new business and is a large part of law firm marketing. The first place clients look when trying to find a service is through search engines such as Google. Zaliet excels in law firm marketing with helping practices out-do their competitors in search results.


law firm marketing - mobile website for lawyers

Explore new channels of communication

Mobile devices are rapidly becoming the most common way in which consumers use the Internet. 67% of consumers say that a mobile friendly website makes them more likely to purchase a product or service. With Zaliet, legal websites fully function and display beautifully on any device, ensuring potential clients never miss out on accessing information.

Shine in the limelight

Included in the Zaliet website service is blog and newsletter functionality. Blogs are a fantastic way to receive feedback from your audience, and a newsletter is a great platform to keep clients informed.

Generate new business

After building the legal website, Zaliet hands back the reins, so law firms can edit and make content changes easily. Law firms can update contact details, bio, location and more, without the extra hassle or extra cost. The ability to adjust the legal website allows law firms to continue targeting new business.

Law Firm Marketing for a
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