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Each month will feature a different webinar with topics ranging from new features of LEAP to using the LEAP Mobile App to creating efficient Accounting processes in your firm.

The Client Success Team is excited to bring you educational webinars to help you understand and utilize the full potential of LEAP.

Save time using the LEAP library of forms

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

12:30PM EDT

One of the main benefits of LEAP is the availability of thousands of automated forms in all common areas of law.

Using these forms through LEAP will save you and your staff hours of time each month. Now your firm no longer has to rekey the same information over again. This allows your law firm to reduce mistakes and have a happier staff!

Join our webinar to understand how this will save you hours of time and how you can modify these forms to suit your needs.

In this session, you will learn how to:

  • Improve time recording and efficiency when out of the office using LEAP Mobile
  • How to access the LEAP library of forms
  • To search for the Form you are looking for
  • How to tailor the LEAP forms to suit your firm
  • Effectively use the dictation function including creating file notes
  • Best practices for storing and managing version control of forms

This webinar is suitable for LEAP users of all levels.

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